Saturday , 23 March 2019


Let’s drink to MOI

Sometimes I wonder why I take the medium of instruction conundrum so seriously. There are so many groups fighting for an assortment of pedagogical theories and I go over their press notes and utterances at press conferences with a fine toothcomb, when all that they are saying today is what they had said yesterday and day-before-yesterday.
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The Star Anise Story

By Mini Ribeiro
Its flavour may be close to the Indian anise or saunf, yet, it has its own distinct flavour. And that’s what makes it special. Chef Samantha Nunes, Chef de Partie,
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Make Up Bag o’Tricks

Ever seen pictures of celebrities without make-up? Even the hottest stars sometimes have serious flaws or less than appealing features - not-so-small noses, pimples, thin lips, odd-set eyes and more.
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India’s Greta Garbo

By Sachin Chatte
In India, in the case of most actresses, marriage has acted as a deterrent to their career. Hence you will not find many actresses across the length and the breadth of the country that came on the scene when they were already married and yet rose to dizzy heights.
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Popular Lebanese cuisine

By Mini Ribeiro
The large selection of appetizers or mezze, which can prove to be a meal in itself, has always fascinated me. It is an eclectic mix of hot and cold foods - salads like Tabouleh, sauces or dips such as Hummus and Matoubal and patties like Sambouseks. Truly irresistible and I can never tire of it.
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Passionate, fiery, focused

What does success mean to you?
Success to me has always been a fulfillment of my hard work and commitment.
How do you cope with defeat?
I have learnt to take defeats in my stride, but I work harder to perform even better the next time.
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DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Photography

By Nolan Mascarenhas 
A series of some of the basic homemade photography essentials 
Over the past year we have touched and delved into tips, tricks, lighting, composition, histograms, the list goes on. It’s been a great year and I have thoroughly enjoyed writing this column,
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