Tuesday , 21 May 2019


“Bolava Vitthal” devotional music concert comes to Goa

Goa is all set to celebrate the auspicious occasion of ‘Aashaadi Ekadashi’ on a grand musical note. India’s best-known devotional music concert “Bolava Vitthal” is being brought to Goa by Pancham Nishad, an organisation set up to preserve and promote the rich traditional performing arts of India. Bolava Vitthal is a unique concert of abhangs and devotional songs dedicated to ... Read More »

Wake up to gourmet breakfasts

Located off 18th June Road, behind Broadway Book Store in Panjim, French Patisserie – Delicieux, lends an unexpected touch of posh to the city’s dreary clump of commercial complexes and dusty stores. I visited Delicieux on a particularly wet Sunday morning when it appeared like the entire city had decided to stay indoors rather than wander out for a lazy ... Read More »

Black and white photography rules!

I remember the first photo I clicked. It was a black-and-white photo which I clicked on college analog camera Nikon FM10. Each frame was rationed so every photography student got equal number of shots, by our teacher Anthony D’Souza. So, were the bromide papers for final black-and-white print. So many things went into planning before the shoots right from what ... Read More »

Food And Fitness

Celiac sprue is a disease commonly known as gluten sensitivity. Also known as celiac disease, non – tropical sprue or gluten induced enteropathy, it is a chronic inflammatory disorder of intestine. The symptoms observed are stomach ache, diarrhoea or severe pain in the abdomen, that are generally seen after eating wheat gluten, rye, barley or any food product that contains ... Read More »

Serving it right

In order to enjoy a glass of wine, it is equally important to serve it correctly. The structure and age of the wine primarily determine how a wine should be served. Of course the season and the place where you are serving the wine must be taken into consideration too. A red wine served too warm, loses its taste and ... Read More »

A walk on the wild side

Imagine a sunset over wind-whipped skies, the cover of thick foliage stretching to the base of the hills at the horizon, drowsy calls of roosting birds and an absolute sense of calm. India’s national parks are a force to be reckoned with in tourism. They provide the paradox to the country’s chaotic image overseas. At the Serai Bandipur just off ... Read More »

Bigger and better?

These days, a film’s success tends to pave the way for its sequel/s. Successful franchises are commonplace now even as producers, egged on by box office collections, pump in more money to make a sequel. However, what’s interesting is that more often than not, they prefer to cast a bigger name as opposed to the actors/ actresses who starred in ... Read More »

The case of the missing chicken

It is a case of now you see it, now you don’t. The poster of Deepika Padukone’s upcoming film, Finding Fanny was released on Tuesday. It has her in a frilly outfit with a blood-soaked cleaver in one hand and what appears to be dead chicken in the other. But interestingly, in her first look, the same snapshot shows the ... Read More »

A Trunk of Good Cheer

By Christabelle CoutinhoAt a high tea event hosted by Grand Hyatt in Bambolim, the slender sommelier in a light summer gown throws a couple of benders to the guests – Is tea a drink native to India; where do different tea varieties come from; what is ctc and first-flush? A couple of hesitant replies and murmurs surface, confirming what Snigdha ... Read More »

Kudos to ‘Kudos’

By Kuheli Bhattacharya RaneMy friends from other states frequently ask me “How do you spend monsoons in Goa?” and I reply “Why? By having sizzlers of course!” Sizzlers are the classic ‘attention seeking ‘ dishes, they make an entry with all the pop, sizzle and crackle, with steam bellowing out in all directions, the smell of burnt cabbage and gravy ... Read More »