Tuesday , 16 October 2018


A treasure unfolds

By Joe Mascarenhas
As a child I was always fond of treasure hunts and it was a real thrill to find the treasure after solving all the clues. As we grow wiser, age is just a number my friends, we’re still on the lookout for culinary treasures.

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Mumbai Calling

By Jonathan Sequeira
It was 5:30pm, but the slow local to CST wasn’t crowded as usual. Ben was three stations away from his station, Sion. Being Thursday gave him the advantage of fewer crowds.

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And the Oscar will go to…

By Sachin Chatte
The Academy Awards, popularly known as the Oscars, will be handed out this weekend (Sunday night in the US, Monday morning in India). For whatever they are worth, surely it is the most prestigious award, widely acknowledged around the world.

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Fusion music?

This is not meant to be a review. But when the ‘high priests’ of music get together to, let’s say, ‘jam up’ you want to sit down and put your experience on paper.

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Gond Art: A Contemporary Art Form

The dot and line art of the Gonds, one of the largest tribal communities of Central India, is more than what meets the eye. An illustrative narrative of stories, nature, mythical legends, by an indigenous community has made its way to museums in Paris, Tokyo and New York. Yet, an art form as relevant and modern as a Matisse or a Picasso, still struggles for its rightful place in contemporary spaces.

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The Turtle – Part II

By Pundalik Narayan Naik | Translated from the original Konkani by Augusto Pinto
Suddenly he remembered - on his way back home he had encountered some woodcutters. Workers of Dam-bab, they were sawing a jackfruit tree log into planks.

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