Sunday , 16 December 2018


Astro Query

Date of Birth (DOB): September 6, 1985; Time of Birth (TOB): 7.55 am; Place of Birth (POB): Vasco, Goa, Please give a description of my future husband.
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My place… something different

By Joe Mascarenhas
Ask Sarjano a veteran in the food industry, what his idea was when he came to Goa…and he just says ‘you have come to my place.’ With nature embracing you in abundance and after the monsoons Sarjano has ensured that his place is a natural habitat for the wild.
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Stress in childhood

By Dr Anil Rane
Childhood stress can be caused by any situation that requires a person to adapt or change. The situation often produces anxiety. Stress may be caused by positive changes, such as starting a new activity, but it is most commonly linked with negative changes such as illness or death in the family.
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Goodbye, my dear friend

By Elizabeth Abraham
Dogs give us so much as companions – they can be a source of unconditional love, comfort and stability. They provide us with a sense of being needed and valued as well as non-judgemental acceptance of our failings.
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Bride & Joy

It’s that time of the year, we’re not talking about Halloween, though sometimes this season too can end up being a bit horrific, if not planned properly! Bridal season has its many ups and downs but with a little advice and some planning,
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Goa losing its traditional Navraatri

By Rohit Phalgaonkar
The festival of Navraatri or (nine nights) is celebrated not only in Goa but also throughout India. It is basically a festival that emphasises on the importance of many aspects of human society like nature worship which includes worship of Mother Earth, creation or birth, and the victory of good over evil.
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Memories of Mapusa Market

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues
The project to study the Mapusa Market is very interesting. This market complex was one of the major works undertaken by the then Camara Municipal de Bardez during the Portuguese regime.
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Get amazed@ Mandy’s

By Joe Mascarenhas
You may have certainly eaten her awesome pancakes at the Saturday Night market, you may also have gone gaga over her cakes, but now Mandy’s has come into the reckoning with a brand new avatar.
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Flash Master

By Nolan Mascarenhas
Every now and then in situations in which there isn’t enough light or where natural light doesn’t work to our advantage we use the flash (knowingly or automatically if we let our camera think for us).
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