Tuesday , 26 March 2019


For a weekend of clubbing

In search of new and interesting places for clubbing in Goa, we went from Cheenos in Baga to Club Zoya in Benaulim. It proved to be yet another torrential downpour on a Saturday evening when we found ourselves outside what very much looked like a large garage, but entry finds you in a spacious and surprisingly swish club atmosphere called ... Read More »

Food And Fitness

I am a 26-year-old female. I am thin and suffer from hirsutism with mild PCOS. I have been undergoing homeopathic treatment for the last 10 months for irregular menses and hirsutism. Yoga has helped me too. PCOD or PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Disease/Syndrome) is a condition that can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, hormones, insulin production, blood sugar levels, heart, ... Read More »

Fad or fact: Busting myths behind food

So, will red wine make you live longer? Will olive oil make you thin? Is honey excreted undigested from your system? Is the best way of dieting as simple as eating a small portion of food every two hours? I have heard so many theories about food, health and dieting over the last couple of years that I decided to ... Read More »

A stop motion animated series signals start of new opportunities in Goa

For the last 75 days at a makeshift studio in the industrial complex of Thivim, highly skilled animators from across India have been working on the production sets of ‘Guardians Evolution’, a Canadian TV-series by Canadian writer-director Dennis Jackson. Partly produced by Anand Ramayya (Karma Film) from Canada and serviced by Moppet Animation Studio from Goa, this collaboration marks the ... Read More »

Sandwich lighting…

…May sound yummy, but this kind of lighting in photography works its magic only if done in the right way. With this method one can capture the most stunning portraits. It can also be used in outdoor fashion photography. Method: Position subject between lights, like cheese and veggies in a sandwich. In this form of lighting all lights are on ... Read More »

Letting into the world of a documentary filmmaker

The contemporary art scenario of the country is huge as its canvas is far and wide. The best way to experience it would be through the vision of those artists who have excelled in their fields of work. The documentary film ‘To Let the World In’ directed by Avijit Mukul Kishore, is one such medium to understand the ever changing ... Read More »

Perfect time for some pakoras

I am a great succour for pakoras, bhajiyas, bhajjis, whatever you choose to call it. Easy to make, I am ready to fry some at the drop of a hat this season. Only need good company to enjoy these. Kande bhajiyas, which is typically a Maharashtrian regional snack, are a bit different yet equally delicious. One does not make a ... Read More »

French fantacy

As non-British colonial pasts go, Goa has one of the richest sites in the country. Another great example of well-preserved heritage is Pondicherry – now renamed Puducherry – an old French colony on the east coast of India. Carefully conserved buildings, quiet tree-lined streets and majestic buildings bracing themselves for the spray of Bay of Bengal year after year mark ... Read More »

Leadership and feedback

Everyone wants to know the truth, no matter how difficult it is to hear. But even though we want to hear honest and direct feedback, we generally don’t look on those occasions with much joy or pleasure. Feedback is information from our environment about how it is responding to us. With that information, we can judge if we are on ... Read More »

Food And Fitness

I am a 26-year-old female. I am married and underweight. My weight varies between 30 kgs to 35 kgs. Six months back I was suffering from typhoid after which my weight has come down to 30 kgs. Despite increasing the food intake, I am not gaining weight. Your weight is decreased because you were suffering from typhoid few months back. ... Read More »