Friday , 22 March 2019


Best foot forward

The wedding season is fast approaching, and if you are one of the lucky brides to be, then you’re probably already in the thick of preparations. And, even if you’re not, you probably have a somewhat hectic social calendar in the months ahead with all the weddings you will attend! So, how do you make sure that you look your ... Read More »

Food And Fitness

I am a 42-year-old male suffering from tonsillitis and sinusitis. I have a deviation in the nose bone. Once I catch a common cold, which I do for the slightest of reasons, it takes almost 15 days for recovery. In that period I suffer from continuous cough, runny and blocked nose, body pain and sometimes even fever. My immune system ... Read More »

Too haughty to handle?

There was a time when every other TV actor/ actress fainted on the sets of his/ her TV show. Looks like now is the turn of the whimsical TV actress. If sources are to be believed, the television industry seems to have a fair share of drama queens. A case in point would be Hina Khan, the lead actress of ... Read More »

Bringing joy home

By Danuska Da Gama I NT buzz “We decided we wanted to adopt kids even before we got married. It was probably a growing up dream which turned into conviction as we graduated into adulthood”, says a proud father who wishes to stay unnamed as his son who is now 7 is still coming to terms with the truth. A ... Read More »

The crazy thing people eat!!

By Zubin DSouza Otto von Bismarck the famous politician once commented “If you like laws and sausages then you should never watch either one being made”. So it is true with several foods that you love but you may soon be leaving behind. Please like & share: Read More »

Which is a good wine?…

By Prahlad Sukhtankar …Is a query that has successfully made it to the list of “Most commonly asked questions” to sommeliers and restaurateurs around the world. I can confidently lay this doubt to rest by saying, “There is none!” Please like & share: Read More »

Green Glow at sunset

The U K Ravindranaths are an ordinary couple doing extraordinary things, very simply. They have discovered their own paradise in Porvorim with their version of the ‘Garden of Eden’ within the apartment they call home. Please like & share: Read More »

Proteins: The Life Saviour

By Deepika Rathod Today’s young generation wants do everything at jet speed, and that too without taking care of personal health. They have personal issues, study issues, exams and are highly stressed, and in all of this they neglect their health. As ‘Youth Day’ was celebrated this week, I’m going to share information about a very important nutrient, which will ... Read More »

Diet and Ayurveda

By Sujal Patil Ayurveda has a two-fold aim – to preserve good health of the healthy and to cure the disease of the diseased. The aspect of prevention is much emphasised upon, which is why detailed guidelines of dietary regimen are given in Ayurvedic texts. Please like & share: Read More »