Monday , 25 March 2019


Open Forum discusses the digital dilemma

NT BUZZ India’s diverse cinema has caught the attention and imagination of the film fraternity across the world. Right from the first silent film ‘Raja Harishchandra’ in 1913 by Dadasaheb Phalke to the present, the country has presented a bouquet of movies that spans regions, languages and cultures. But what happens once these films have lasted their box office life? ... Read More »

Breakfast Facts

Rohini Diniz It is strange but true, that although breakfast is supposed to be an important meal of the day, it is the one that is most neglected. Several studies conducted around the world have documented the ill effects of skipping breakfast. As the name implies, breakfast literally means breaking the overnight fast between dinner and lunch. Breakfast helps recharge ... Read More »

Tiracol Fort – witness to history

Sanjeev V Sardesai After completion of a 100 article run, let us now start conquering the forts of Goa. It is sad that according to my friend Sachin Madge – a person with in-depth knowledge of the forts in Goa and an equally excellent sculptor – that there were more than 50 forts, fortresses and fortifications all over the land. ... Read More »

Understanding diabetes

Deepika Rathod People have said to me that they have binged on too many sweets during Diwali and think they will get diabetes now. This is because we think diabetes is caused due to increased sugar intake in food which the body isn’t able to handle. This is partially correct but we also need to understand that diabetes is not ... Read More »

The stories behind the stories

NT BUZZ The non feature section of the Indian Panorama category at IFFI this year consists of 21 films on various interesting and thought provoking themes. ‘Gyamo – Queen of the Mountains’ for instance which has been directed by Gautam Pandey and Doel Trivedy focuses on the Gyamo, a female snow leopard and her two cubs, the habitat in the ... Read More »

Head to Toro Toro for a relaxing meal

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ Of course, the place looks inviting, with a funky and innovative bar that resembles a food truck and the well lit seating area in two levels that has a very beach like ambience and décor. However, the main attraction here is the food and the man behind it, chef Rohan D’Souza known as the ... Read More »

‘Wildlife is not just about beauty’

Directors Gautam Pandey and Doel Trivedi talk about their film ‘Gyamo- Queen of the Mountains’. Pandey is the son of noted wildlife filmmaker Mike Pandey, who is also a part of this film CHRISTINE MACHADO | NT BUZZ   What were some of the major challenges you faced while shooting this particular film? Gautam: The film was done on a ... Read More »

Awakening humanity through films

NT BUZZ This year the Indian Panorama section of International Film Festival of India (IFFI) showcases a wide range of films that have gone beyond the ordinary and have touched upon various topics and social issues that are prevalent in the society. At the ‘Meet the Directors’ press conference directors of five feature film ‘Bhayanakam’, ‘Bhor’, ‘Dhappa’ ‘Uma’ and ‘Baaram’ ... Read More »

Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa upset with Talak

NT BUZZ In light of the incidents that took place at Kala Academy on Thursday, the Federation of Film Fraternity of Goa expressed their displeasure over the conduct of the Vice Chairman of Entertainment Society of Goa Rajendra Talak. In a statement, the Federation stated that the Goan filmmakers strongly condemn the act of abusing the visiting delegates and extended ... Read More »

On the road to a safer Goa

Every year, the third Sunday of November is observed as World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDR). NT BUZZ highlights the importance of being safe on the roads, to prevent accidents and save lives Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ Pandarinath Shirodkar was an international boxer. Due to financial constraints, he took up a part time job in ... Read More »