Sunday , 21 October 2018


Experience the French countryside with a twist

Nikki Ekstein | Bloomberg It’s usually a sense of old-world tradition that draws visitors to the French countryside: châteaux with impeccably preserved stucco and stone exteriors, lavender farms tended by families for generations, or Champagne houses in operation since the reign of Henry IV. This summer, all those charms are being married to exciting new developments — namely, exquisite hotel ... Read More »

Monthly saga of pain

Sujal Torgal Patil We are conditioned to believe menstruating is supposed to be a hush-hush affair. Furthermore, in the rigmarole of cultural impositions, emotional turbulences that follow after menarche and lack of proper awareness about menstrual periods, young girls develop an aversion towards this natural process right from the start and it becomes rather an imposition. 70 to 80 per ... Read More »

World of food additives

Rohini Diniz This week’s article acquaints the reader with the various food additives that help give processed foods and ready-to-eat foods the desired texture and mouth feel that they have. Emulsifers: These are a group of substances that are used to obtain a stable mixture of liquids that otherwise would not mix or which would separate quickly such as water ... Read More »

Exhale the stress in your life

Deepika Rathod Stress seems like a very small word but according to the American Medical Association it is the leading cause of over 60 per cent of all human diseases and health issues. A little stress is good for the body as it helps stimulate the body’s immune function. When the stress stays in the body and takes a toll ... Read More »

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?: Deranged!

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK ‘What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?’ (1962), the psychologically driven black comedy – later dubbed the psycho-biddy subgenre – narrating the tale of two sisters sharing a dilapidated mansion, is remembered for the on-screen clash between the real-life, long-time intensely bitter rivals: Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. In fact, the film gave a ... Read More »

Illustrating his love for Goa

Vishakapatnam born digital artist Praveen Yarramilli who is now based in Goa, has been capturing the essence of the tiny state through his vibrant artworks. In conversation with NT BUZZ CHRISTINE MACHADO I NT BUZZ When Vishakapatnam-born artist Praveen Yarramilli moved to Goa, he began to realise that there was much more to the place than just beaches and the ... Read More »

Platform for young story tellers

A book titled ‘The Purple Jacket and Other Short Stories’ published by Novella Short Stories ( will be released on tomorrow, July 8 at 4 p.m. at International Centre Goa, Dona Paula. NT BUZZ speaks to the curator Inacio Fernandes to know more about the book VENITA GOMES| NT BUZZ With an aim to provide a platform for youngsters to ... Read More »

Chilli Story

Zubin Dsouza In 1498, Vasco da Gama navigated a sea route from Portugal to Goa in India. In 1510, Alfonso d’ Albuquerque landed with a small army and seized Goa as a colony for the Portuguese. What followed, became a symbiotic relationship between the two races and the lines between colonisers and colonised almost got blurred to obscurity. The Portuguese ... Read More »

Fantastico, on land or sea

Danuska Da Gama I NT BUZZ Tierra Y Mar is a hidden gem that is so worth a visit, because the odds are you will keep coming back for some lip-smacking traditional Spanish and South American cuisine. Tierra Y Mar that translates into ‘land and sea’ isn’t boastful. Its food does the talking – the place is quaint, rustic and ... Read More »

Are we a trigger happy generation?

In the past, clicking photographs was not a very common activity owing to the costs involved and the availability of photographic rolls and paper. People would wait for special occasions like weddings, birthdays to capture memories. But today with hi-tech smartphones and cameras, clicking pictures have become a very regular sight. You can find people clicking several pictures on daily ... Read More »