Monday , 20 May 2019


Keeping tradition alive in Chandor

The first capital of Goa, Chandor, originally known as Chandrapur comes alive every year when people come together to perform the traditional Mussol Khel dance. Linked to the harvest festival, ‘musal’ is a pounding stick that is used during this dance. Read More »

Painting India

Everything is an inspiration in India, believes Portuguese artist Miguel Barros whose exhibition ‘India in my Dreams’ is currently on display at Camões – Centro de Língua Portuguesa, Panaji Read More »

From cardboard to classics

MEHER CASTELINO When waste is turned into clothes it’s wonderful that up- cycling has been achieved creatively. But when waste is turned into the most exotic jewellery, then it is a breath-taking, visual, display of extreme talent and creativity. Read More »

Feeding off insects

Zubin D’souza   I love the horror movie genre! I know that there are intellectuals out there who would diss me and call me out for my lame B grade choices when there is a world of infinitely better entertainment available. Read More »

Wine and dine at Kava

When you want to be in the happening Anjuna area, yet away from the madness, Kava at Fairfield by Marriott can be a good choice for diners as it is pocket-friendly Read More »

A fort on St Estevao Island

Sanjeev V Sardesai One of Goa’s cutest heritage sites is the island of St Estevao or ‘Sant Estev’ or just ‘Juve’n’ in the local language; ‘Juve’n’ or ‘Juve’ meaning ‘island’. Read More »

When the sun goes down…

Fun Cruises Goa has a wide variety of yachts and let’s you experience luxury sailing in Goa. NT BUZZ shares with you the experience of ‘Yacht Searay 330’ ride Read More »

Sensible eating for the superwoman

Rohini Diniz   This article and the next are International Women’s Day special articles and are dedicated to all my wonderful women readers. Read More »

Obesity: A lifestyle menace

Sujal Torgal Patil   Every other advertisement on the internet or in newspapers promises ground-breaking inventions which can free the overburdened populace from the shackles of those extra kilos. Read More »

Body memories – Washing off Runanubandha

Sadhguru The body has its own memory. Today, there is research going on in this direction. To put it in a simplified way – let us say your father, when he was a child, Read More »