Saturday , 16 December 2017


Photographs of the uncommon at Serendipity Arts Festival

Co-founder of the Delhi Photo Festival and curator of on-going photo exhibitions, three solo and a group exhibition at the Serendipity Arts Festival (SAF), Dinesh Khanna has been doing his bit to promote photography as an art- form. While interacting with NT BUZZ Dinesh speaks about his curatorial approach to the festival in Goa VENITA GOMES| NT BUZZ Having being ... Read More »

Diet of American presidents

Zubin Dsouza I could hardly be bothered about world politics. Incoming incumbents, outgoing presidents, electoral colleges and vote banks do not faze me one bit. How could I be bothered about who the next president would be when I view almost every politician with the same disdain and hold the same esteem as I would hold for criminals? Recent political ... Read More »

As Antigas Casas de Loutolim: Figueiredo House of Loutolim

Sanjeev V Sardesai For a major part of the past centuries people living in the Konkan have been defining, beautifying and upgrading their dwellings and the roofs over their heads. In their attempt to achieve development, and having cultural influence of many powerful dynasties such as the Shilahara, Kadamba, Bahamana, Adilshahi and then finally the European regime of the Portuguese, ... Read More »

If you love coffee then Melbourne is your go-to city

It’s hard to find a bad cup of coffee in Melbourne. But here are five best spots to get some of the best that the city has to offer Meenakshi Iyer Like Mumbai runs on vada pav, Melbourne runs on coffee. The city is dotted with trendy, hipster cafes every few metres. Most cafes in Melbourne go that extra mile ... Read More »

Use the right cookware

Rohini Diniz Copper: Copper along with its alloys brass and bronze has been used in the manufacture of cooking utensils since ancient times. These utensils are sturdy, resistant to scratching, atmospheric corrosion and are good conductors of heat. The disadvantage of these utensils is that they are easily corroded by fruit juices, acidic foods and salts and form poisonous compounds.  ... Read More »

Ring in the New Year amidst tranquillity

NT BUZZ While the world is throwing the routine parties, dances and balls for the New Year, do you ever wish to escape the cacophony of revellers and dive into a hole and resurface only after the celebrations have died down? Many people have forgotten that their bodies have limitations and stressful living often results in problems like depression, obesity, ... Read More »

Anastasia: From Russia with love

RAMNATH N PAI RAIKAR | NT NETWORK Big budget, widescreen movies had been the hallmark of Hollywood during the 1950s, which were aimed towards countering the threat to the films coming from the television. The historical drama ‘Anastasia’ (1956), which was released in the mid-1950s mixed facts with fiction, and was based on a play of the same name by ... Read More »

Uplifting the expressions of desire

A clinical psychologist and Homi Bhabha Fellow based in Goa, author, Amrita Narayanan took up the offer of compiling an anthology of erotic writings of India. It was an opportunity to bring together various expressions of literature on sexuality and interpreting erotica through various concepts and giving modern readers an insight of erotica written by Indians over 3000 years. Her ... Read More »

Giving wings to Goan filmmaking dreams

The studio Big Banner Entertainment and Media LLP in Vasco is set to be officially launched today. NT BUZZ speaks to the creative head of the studio Jojo D’Souza to know more about his process of filmmaking, the studio and his next Hindi feature film ‘Ishq Tera’ Janice savina Rodrigues|NT BUZZ ‘If you have a dream, we have the team’ ... Read More »

Ramchandra Guha brings in the historical perspective at GALF

NT BUZZ “History teaches us that there are no permanent winners or losers,” said noted historian, Ramchandra Guha while speaking on ‘History beyond chauvinism’ and why the historian must move beyond four kinds of chauvinism they are prone to – chauvinism of source material, disciplinary affiliation, political ideology and national affiliations. Guha delivered a keynote address at the inauguration of ... Read More »

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