Monday , 25 March 2019


Like players, we cannot manufacture fans: Ranjit Bajaj

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Ranjit Bajaj jumped with joy when the referee blew the final whistle at the Don Bosco ground in Fatorda on Friday for two reasons: One, Minerva Punjab FC , his team , were the U-18 champions of India; two by winning the U-18 crown Minerva Punjab had won all the All India football Federation (AIFF) men’s championship titles ... Read More »

The business of being vegan

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi This is my third article on business opportunities for vegans. The first two were about creating and marketing products and some services. This is about vegan hotels and retreats. Bed and Broccoli is a vegan Bed & Breakfast in Australia. It offers vegan food, sauces, jams, preserves and chutneys, soaps, vegan cleaning products, and they are animal ... Read More »

Winning through contradictions

Chanakya If there was any doubt that the Union government’s last budget was framed squarely with an eye on the next elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi quelled it. Addressing a rally in West Bengal – a state in which the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has invested remarkable political energy – he spoke about the direct income transfer to farmers, and ... Read More »

Konkani on the airwaves, elsewhere

Frederick Noronha To my mind, the times of our youth, in the 1970s, marked the high-noon of Konkani music production, especially on 33-1/3 and 45 rpm records. Bombay became then suddenly closer to Goa (due to political and economic factors), creativity was bursting there, and it was getting echoed here too. Musicians like Alfred Rose and Wilfy Remembus were at ... Read More »

The Odyssey of Ksatriya and Bramhan

The most important prerequisite for exploring the ksatriya and bramhan history is accepting the basic fact that the varna vyavastha (varna system) is a post-facto construct [Further Inquiry Into Chadd’ddi, 19 Feb 17]. As Kane categorically states, caturvarna was all about ‘groups of people having a skin of a dark or fair colour’, all about varna (colour) He makes it ... Read More »

No early favourites in 2019 polls

Karan Thapar Is the opposition reviving or is that just exaggeration and wishful thinking? Polls around Republic Day point towards three outcomes: first, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will fall substantially below 272; second, even the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) will fall short of a majority; and, third, the Congress will cross a 100 but the BJP will be the ... Read More »

Reach out to boys for gender parity

Lalita Panicker I have often heard people saying that the origins of toxic masculinity are to be found in the sense of entitlement or misogynistic notions inculcated in men when they are boys. No doubt, they are influenced by their surroundings, the discourse they are privy to, the relationship between the genders within the family. But, for the most part, ... Read More »

A mystery in corporate India: The curious case of the vanishing secretary

You’d think that apps, tech, and WhatsApp groups would have killed the secretary. Instead, employers say there’s more demand than supply, and no one’s willing to just bring you your coffee Rachel Lopez | Hindustan Times These days, it’s harder to hire a secretary than an engineer. Prasad Deshmukh found this out the hard way. As director at a tech ... Read More »

Deriding madness

Touching on stalking, physical danger and sexuality, Eating Wasps shows how society often drives women to madness for expressing their desires Avantika Mehta ‘Clear’, ‘concise’ and ‘insightful’ are perfect descriptors of Anita Nair’s latest novel, Eating Wasps. The book starts with 30-year-old Sreelakshmi’s suicide on a “Monday. A working day.” A Sahtiya Akademi winner, she is still considered damaged goods ... Read More »

Practically perfect in (almost) every way

Luis Dias Sequels can sometimes be such a letdown, and although I was aware that ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ had come to our big screen, I took my time to actually go and see it. I went to a morning show and was thrilled to find just about eight of us in the whole cinema hall, so it was a much ... Read More »