Sunday , 18 November 2018


The big tobacco industry is the emperor of deceit

Vikram Patel In the feverish climate of fake news in which we find ourselves these days, considered by many as an existential threat to the foundations of democracy, it is becoming impossible for an average reader to distinguish the authentic stuff from the paid variety. The latter is, of course, just a euphemism for advertising, but much more dangerous given ... Read More »

Job creation in high-growth India should be a top priority

There are almost no jobs available in India’s high-growth economy. Job creation has plummeted to levels even below those of preceding UPA governments. Of the one million new people who join the workforce every month, only 0.01 per cent of new workers added to the work force actually found work Harsh Mander For millions of young voters Prime Minister Modi’s ... Read More »

Ten wishes for this monsoon

FREDERICK NORONHA Last week saw a false start to the monsoons. But sooner or later, Goa’s inclement weather season will be upon us. And, with a growing number of adverse weather-caused incidents coming our way, it’s obvious that we need better ways to cope with the situation. We cannot claim to be experts in reading the weather. But most of ... Read More »

Big tobacco is hiding behind farmers

SRINATH REDDY In Andhra, a separate department for tobacco development is set up to encourage tobacco growing. We must cry a halt to this trend and reclaim these lands for growing food grains. This excerpt from MS Golwalkar’s Bunch of Thoughts (1966; page 252) is good advice that tobacco farmers, and policymakers who guide agricultural policies, must heed. Since November ... Read More »

In The Epic Land

Tensing Rodrigues Whether you consider the epics as fact or fiction, the circumstantial information they provide is a rich source of history; moreover for a period for which hardly anything is available. We are in search of the missing pieces in the jigsaw puzzle called Konkani. We have seen how a drying river drove the people on its banks helter-skelter. ... Read More »

Indian Bond turns 83

Jugneeta Sudan “As a writer, I have difficulty in doing justice to momentous events, the wars of the nations, the politics of power; I am more at ease with the dew of the morning, the sensuous delights of the day, the silent blessings of the night, the joys and sorrows of children, the strivings of ordinary folk, and of course, ... Read More »

Ode to a Martaban Jar

By Luis Dias Like many Goan homes, ours too had earthenware heirlooms scattered about the house. They were ovoid jars of varying size, and years of dust and grime and use had obscured their features. With the water shortages (remember the Opa crisis and the molasses scandal?), they assumed the role of reservoirs, and therefore found their place in our ... Read More »

Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 to launch in India on June 13

PRAJYOT MAINKAR For all the Nokia lovers, here’s good news. The company is all set to launch its much-awaited Android devices: Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 in India on June 13. HMD Global is the company owning the rights for manufacturing, selling and promoting Nokia phones globally. The company is clearly aware that India is one of the ... Read More »

Connecting People to Nature

Nandkumar Kamat Connecting people to nature is the theme of the World Environment Day (WED), June 5. The joke is: when we just look outside – birds, bees, butterflies and bacteria – every other species seems to be connected to nature. Here is my own time tested advice for only compassionate and sensitive individuals to connect to nature (sky, water, ... Read More »

In Delhi, they bend it free style !

ABHINAV VERMA|HT Ever heard of freestyle football? Well, you must have seen various videos of street footballers from the around trending on Facebook, that showcase their amazing dribbling and ball juggling tricks. Freestyle football is a subset of football that can be defined as the art of self-expression through football. The sport truly captures the essence of ‘joga bonito’, a ... Read More »