Tuesday , 11 December 2018


Gold – A Gift of Neutron Stars

Nandkumar Kamat Gold the precious noble metal doesn’t belong to Earth or even to our solar system. Gold is a gift of dying neutron stars. Every atom of gold has come to us from a far-off distance. Please like & share: Read More »

Football is not for people with tunnel vision

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The Indian boys exceeded their brief at the FIFA U17 World Cup and as adulations for them keep pouring in it is important to remind ourselves that the journey has just begun and the way is long. This was a short cut and one that was well taken. Please like & share: Read More »

Indian football’s mediocrity will continue well beyond FIFA U-17 World Cup

BHARGAB SARMAH With the group stages of the FIFA U-17 World Cup over, the line-up for the tournament’s quarter finals has now been confirmed. India finished with the wooden spoon, bowing out of the group stages without a point and with a goal difference of -8. Please like & share: Read More »

Taj Mahal is a victim of Yogi’s prejudice

Karan Thapar It could either be rank ignorance or plain prejudice and I have a hunch I know which it is. The UP government’s attitude to the Taj Mahal is more than negligence. It suggests deliberate disregard. And the chief minister’s belated reassurance – from Kerala of all places – does little to dispel my doubts. Please like & share: Read More »

Cleaning up not enough for swachh success

Rajesh Mahapatra It is impossible to disagree with either the motivation or the urgency for Swachh Bharat. It must be ranked as a truly bipartisan concern that can speak for every Indian. Our cities are drowning in garbage; lack of basic sanitation is costing us dearly in terms of health; and for any foreign visitor the dirt and filth strewn ... Read More »

Tom Alter, a man who batted straight

Ramachandra Guha Sometime towards the end of 1973, I was playing for a Dehradun XI against a team from the hill station of Mussoorie, which included several members based at the mission settlement of Woodstock. Please like & share: Read More »

Keeping education open

Frederick Noronha By some chance, the other day I came across one of those online conferences which gets announced every once in a way. It’s fun to join in. It takes little effort (you just need to be at your computer at the right time of the day or night). You barely add to global warming by joining in. And ... Read More »

Much about Mindlessness

Patricia Pereira-Sethi Whenever you feel you have done or said something stupid or undignified, or slipped head-first into an unsuspecting trap, fall back on the ensuing comments and you will automatically feel uplifted. In fact you might even begin to believe you are a prodigy. Here are some examples of arrant inanity collected for your amusement… Please like & share: Read More »

The Bhamdari Militia

Tensing Rodrigues Soon after the Bombay island was handed over to the East India Company in 1668, Gerald Aungier, the President of Surat, was appointed its Governor. Protecting the island and maintaining law and order in and around the fort proved to be a nightmare for Aungier. Please like & share: Read More »

Dan Brown is once again taking on the big questions

Associated Press “Will God survive science?” asks author of The Da Vinci Code and other philosophical-religious thrillers during a recent interview. “All the gods of our past have fallen. So the question now is: Are we naive to think the gods of today won’t suffer the same fate?” Please like & share: Read More »