Friday , 26 April 2019


Where social networks come in

Frederick Noronha In the past few months, I’ve had to interact with some young people. Due to this, primarily, my gaze turned towards sections of the social media which I have largely overlooked for the last quarter century. My generation is that which jumped (rather early) onto the email bandwaggon, sometime around 1994. Resultantly, one had largely missed out on ... Read More »

There’s no reason for a religion-science clash

MARK TULLY The death of probably the world’s most famous cosmologist, Stephen Hawking, has re-opened the debate about the validity of religion. To put it simply: has science disproved god? Hawking didn’t leave much room for god when he said we humans are “just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star.” But he ... Read More »

TheTwo Waves

Tensing Rodrigues Based on the work done by Cavalli-Sforza and others, [Cavalli-Sforza et al, 1994: The History and Geography of Human Genes] Gadgil concludes that there were most probably two major phases of migration of ‘Indo-Europeans’ into the Indian subcontinent from Central Asia, across the northwestern frontier: the first around 8,000 BCE and the second around 2,000 BCE; the first ... Read More »

Mothering a Muslim by Nazia Erum

Kushalrani Gulab It’s easy to judge this book by its cover. After all, the title couldn’t be more direct – Mothering a Muslim: The Dark Secret in Our Schools and Playgrounds. So either you’re driven to read the book because your values will not allow you to escape another sad reality of life. Or you ignore it because you’re feeling ... Read More »

Victoria and Giacomo

By Luis Dias Much has been written about the 2017 British biographical comedy-drama ‘Victoria and Abdul’ and the multiple contrasts between the two protagonists: Queen and subject; geriatric frailty and youth; Christianity (and the head of the church of England, no less) and Islam; the violation of Victorian taboos of race and class and protocol, a tale of love and ... Read More »

Patna overtakes bangalore and Hyderabad in the 4G Availability in India

By Prajyot Mainkar As per the reports by OpenSignal, Patna has been spotted to be the top city in terms of 4G availability beating some of the major tech hubs such as Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune. Patna marked 4G availability of 92.61 per cent while Kanpur stood at second position with a share of 91.33 per cent. At the third ... Read More »

Some Natural Wonders of Goa

Nandkumar Kamat There is something exceptional and interesting, exciting about land, water resources, flora and fauna of Goa. If a systematic catalogue of natural wonders of Goa is compiled it would exceed 1000 such wonders. Some are well known but many are lesser known. The lesser known need to be given less publicity because then their pristine nature is lost ... Read More »

Tendulkar batting to end open defecation

SACHIN TENDULKAR Getting to the top in cricket takes years of training, natural skill, hours of daily practice and lots of good wishes from the audience. Every cricketer knows that it is hard work that can make a game as it can mean batting a century. And in addition to all the perseverance, there is also a lucky charm that ... Read More »

When Monte Cruz made climbing a mountain look easy

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES This has been a week in which humans beat all odds to reach to the top through sports. It was a week wherein people who are supposed to be marginalised by society showed that hard work thins the margin between the have and have not. And, even better, this was defined in Gold Coast. The stories coming in ... Read More »

Setting the nation to rights: From prison reforms to refugee rights, 25 years of the NHRC

The National Human Rights Commission completes 25 years this year. As an advisory body, the Commission has acted as a moral force on the State and seen some successes, even as it has faced failures. What needs to be done to make it a truly effective agency? Poulomi Banerjee “When I started visiting prisons in the 1990s as the special ... Read More »