Wednesday , 26 September 2018


Neha breaks surfs with her broad mind

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Goa is the land of sun, sand and sea and therefore should be the home to sportspeople for who water sports should not be strange. There have been times when Goa produced its class of swimmers and surfers but the class never grew because there is a divide. There have been swimmers that have reached far and surfers ... Read More »

The tongue’s tale

Frederick Noronha Every once in a way, you come across that hard-core Goan, who is so caught up with studying and understanding one aspect of Goa’s reality, that it becomes hard for others to even appreciate their work or contribution. It is Goa’s loss that we do not recognise such persons on time, fail to understand them altogether, or simply ... Read More »

Political governors: Both good and bad

Gopalkrishna Gandhi Narinder Nath Vohra has demitted office as discreetly as he entered it. An unfussy retirement from Srinagar’s Raj Bhavan would be no small achievement for any governor of Jammu and Kashmir. It is specially so for a governor who has had two uninterrupted terms, clocking a total of 10 years in that none-too-envied office. The altogether unique inaugurator ... Read More »

GOAN PUNJABIS The cultural confluence

Goa’s projected population is 15.09 lakhs and includes people from different religions with the Sikh community being a minority. Over the years, the Punjabis have well established themselves in different sectors, also contributing to Goa’s economy RAMANDEEP KAUR | NT NETWORK The Punjabi-connect with Goa began when the Sikh troops arrived here to assist in the state’s struggle for liberation ... Read More »

Wading Through The Myristica Swamps

Tensing Rodrigues Last time we noted the unique evidence proffered by the Kamgavai well in Dapoli, Ratnagiri, about the radical change that the climate in Konkan coast underwent between 44,000 and 1,500 BCE. We do not know what happened in the long gap. It could be that the dropping of the temperatures during the ice age reduced the runoff and ... Read More »

Life Over Two Beers

Revati Laul Some books tell you more about the writer than what they’re writing about. And not necessarily in a good way. This one will bring the anthropologist out in you. Read it just for that. The obvious clue is in the book title. Nice and aspirational. Which could be fun. I imagined two jocks telling stories to each other ... Read More »

The confessional, the consulting room, and the casino

Luis Dias Scenario 1: You are a GP (general practitioner or ‘family doctor’). A patient you’ve known for several years walks into your consulting-room and reveals s/he has suicidal thoughts, and matters have come to such a head that s/he has made elaborate plans to act upon those thoughts later that day. S/he listens to all your advice, but is ... Read More »

First impressions of Xiaomi Poco F1

Kul Bhushan Poco by Xiaomi is a new sub-brand from the company that focuses on delivering faster performance and a premium phone-like experience. As expected from Xiaomi, the company is building its own army of flagship killers with the best processors and lots of under-the-hood optimisation – all at an affordable price. The debutant is the Poco F1 which features ... Read More »

The Dawn Of Lunar Hydropolitics

Nandkumar Kamat Lunar hydropolitics can be defined as exoterrestrial politics by state parties or countries and private/business entities from our planet involving legal, technical, economic aspects of exploiting hydrolayer of lunar regolith and possible sublunar hydroresources. We see the dawn of lunar hydropolitics with these latest reports by Li, S, et al. “Direct Detections of Surface Exposed Water Ice in ... Read More »

Your chicken is killing you

Maneka Gandhi A study conducted by Princeton University reports a 36 per cent rise in antibiotic use globally in the last 10 years – except in India, which shows a rise of 62 per cent and is now the largest consumer of antibiotics in the world. If these antibiotics were being consumed directly by people, a public campaign could curtail ... Read More »