Wednesday , 11 December 2019
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Don’t be Backed Down by Allergies

By Dr Kasturi Desai
This week I propose to deal with a few ailments which most of us have experienced, and suffered. They may be irritation of the nose, a running nose, sneezing, skin eruptions and more seriously wheezing leading to asthma. Most of the time when professional physicians are contacted these symptoms are diagnosed as allergy reactions.

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Confusion Worse Confounded

By Khushwant Singh
I go through six papers every morning and read three magazines every week. The more I read about conflicting views on major issues confronting the country, the more confused I get. The first is the proposal to reserve 33 per cent seats for women in legislatures.

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Binsar A ‘Top of the World’ Feeling!

By Sudhir
Binsar was recommended to me as a beautiful destination by one of my dear friends who had been there...and done that!! And that is such an understatement...Binsar is more beautiful than you can ever imagine!

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‘I am keen on starting a music society’

* What level of music have you reached and how long did it take you to reach there?
I have been performing standard repertoire such as Villa Lobos, Albeniz, Barrios and Bach since at least 15 years now.

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The Beauty of Central Western Ghats

Dr Nandkumar Kamat
Recently I took a journey to Bangalore from Goa and back by road to attend a meeting as a non-official member of the Western Ghat expert panel appointed by the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MOEF), Government of India, under well known biologist, Prof Madhav Gadgil.

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Politics and Misplaced Priorities

By Ambikanand Sahay

s you drive down from Akshardham Temple in Delhi towards Greater Noida, greenery greets you. On your right is Mayawati’s dream park. It’s a gorgeous project.

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History and Heritage of the St Estevam Church

By Prajal Sakhardande

uvem or St Estevam is a beautiful island of Tiswadi. In the past was well know as "Shakecho Juvo" - the isle of vegetables - especially noted for its long, seven-ridged, light green ladyfingers.

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Antique Paintings of the “Last Supper”

By Hector Choksi

he portrayal of the "Last Supper", when just prior to Easter, Jesus Christ took food for the last time with his twelve disciples, is as important in Christian iconography as the scene of Nativity is for Christmas.

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Government for Politicians

By Dharmendra Nath (IAS (Retd)

re politicians a class apart? A Laxman cartoon shows a man sitting in luxurious surroundings. He says to his visitor ‘You are telling me about the difficulty of living.

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