Friday , 21 September 2018


A poetess, a king and a message for us all: Shebaba

Renuka Narayanan In these lawless days of atrocities all over the land, the return of the protesting Tamil farmers to Delhi has a touching angle of goodness to it. In an apolitical humanitarian gesture, the Sikhs of the historic Bangla Sahib Gurdwara in Delhi are reportedly giving these farmers a share of the langar, including rice, which shows such consideration ... Read More »

Revisiting The Chaadd’ddi

Tensing Rodrigues We have already attempted to unravel the enigma of the community called chaadd’ddi found among the Christians of Goa. [Who Are Chaadd’ddi?, January 1, 2017; Who Are Kshatriya?, February 12, 2017; Further Inquiry Into Chaadd’ddi, February 19, 2017] We have established with fair credibility that chaadd’ddi are but the kshatriya. We have also convincingly proved that why there ... Read More »

Indira Gandhi: Linking forests to welfare

Jairam Ramesh’s meticulously-researched book reveals Indira Gandhi’s love for nature, her anguish at its destruction, and her efforts to conserve it. It is a sound testimony of Gandhi’s globally unparalleled environment leadership Prerna Singh Bindra A few years ago, while interviewing Jairam Ramesh, who had just been appointed minister for environment, he told me that former prime minister Indira Gandhi ... Read More »

How should we Listen?

Luis Dias An article I was reading recently mentioned in passing, by way of illustrating quite another point, the change in the way audiences listened to music over time. It argued that up until the eighteenth century, concerts “functioned as a pleasant soundtrack for aristocratic soirees”, and at concert halls and opera houses and the ballet, “the nobility would canoodle ... Read More »

Blackberry KEYOne launched in India

Prajyot Mainkar Blackberry has launched its flagship phone – KEYOne in India for `39,990. Blackberry has tied up with Optiemus Infracom to design, manufacture and distribute its devices in India and neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It runs on Android v7.1 Nougat edition with enhanced security and productivity suite from BlackBerry. This phone comes with a ... Read More »

Smartphones Make Students Dumb

Nandkumar Kamat What can be termed as ‘Digital Distraction Disorder (DDD)’ is affecting students in the age group 15-25 in Goa. DDD has vast implications for producing a really smart generation. Technology is extension of human consciousness but often used like magic by many people. Almost 90 per cent educated people in Goa would not be able to explain the ... Read More »

Kohli and Co. show results are not related to bad governance

AMRIT MATHUR That Virat Kohli’s team is at the top when the BCCI is at its lowest validates Geet Sethi’s theory that success is more difficult to explain than failure. The Indian team has also junked the view that sporting excellence and good governance are related. At present, governance at the BCCI is critically weak. The BCCI is not in ... Read More »

Collaborating to make a safer transplant

The recently held full-day conference ‘Kidney Update 2017’ saw experts from Spain share their thoughts and build stronger bonds with Goa in terms of organ donation systems in the state. NT Network met up with the resource persons to find out more about this collaboration Janice Savina Rodrigues|NT Network There are people who die in vain, as they cannot afford ... Read More »

Modi can speak a little more to Indian media

Karan Thapar Some journalists have all the luck. Adam Roberts, the former South Asia bureau chief of The Economist, reveals in his recent book Superfast Primetime Ultimate Nation that he had multiple interviews with Narendra Modi during the five years he spent in India. Some were recorded when Modi was chief minister of Gujarat but several after he became prime ... Read More »

India needs education, not just schools

Rajesh Mahapatra It was June 2008, when news broke one fine morning that 38 people had been killed in a deadly Maoist attack on a boat carrying greyhound commandoes from Andhra Pradesh through a water reservoir along its border with Odisha. It caught my attention instantly, because the scene of the attack – Chitrakonda – was where I had spent ... Read More »