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A Pioneering Individual

What made you start compering?

Right from my school days at Monte Guirim, I used to take part in debates and elocutions. When I went to college, I was selected as the Dramatic Secretary of my college.

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Reading the Bowler

By Aakash Chopra

The replay comes up in slo-mo for us to get a closer look: Brett Lee runs in and bowls a short-pitched delivery at 150kph. Sachin Tendulkar seems to have all the time in the world to get into the right position - he goes back and across and plays it right under his eyes.

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From Panipat To Paris: Muslim Women And The Veil

By Dr Syeda Hameed
In 1947, my mother and other women of the family decided to shed the ‘burqa’ (veil). Our family comes from Panipat, which was at the time a flourishing district of Punjab, with a large population of Muslims.

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Sweet Nothings

Reshmi Singh, a doctor, was attending a marriage party of her colleague. It was an elaborate affair consisting of delicacies from all over India. Being a foodie she was enjoying every bit of her gastronomical experience.

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India House: Our Oldest Embassy

By Vinaya Kumar
India House in London is the oldest and the biggest edifice of our diplomatic missions abroad for the last 80 years. The name India House, figures prominently in the annals of British history. The very first India House, the headquarters of the East India Company was at Crosby Hall in London (from AD 1621 to 1638) and the ancient mansion (referred by Shakespeare in one of his plays) is still extant as a protected monument.

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Shivaji’s Only Fort in Goa

By Prajal Sakhardande
At the mouth of the serene and the beautiful Sal river is located the lone fort built by Shivaji in Goa. Strategically located at a vantage point in the Betul village in the Quepem taluka, this historic fort overlooks the vast expanse of the Arabian Sea and the picturesque fishing village of Betul. The Betul fort is the only fort in Goa that was built on the orders of the great King Shivaji.

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Bernardino Mesquita – The Forgotten Poet

Poet and writer par excellence in Portuguese language, Bernardino Jacinto Francisco Mesquita was born on August 18, 1910 at San Tome to Antonio Bernardino Caetano Mesquita and Ligorinha Filipa Barreto, of Colva, Salcete, Goa. He was the eldest of the three siblings, the others being Joaquim and Dominguinho.

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Battle for the Women’s Bill: Bring in the Umbrellas

By Pamela Philipose
It was raining signatures in the monsoon season, as support for the Women’s Reservation Bill poured in from every corner of India. A campaign that had slowly built up over weeks of hectic organising, reached a crescendo on July 29 when over 500 women and men, representing 350 women’s groups and civil society organisations, marched to the Indian Parliament, which had just convened for its Monsoon Session.

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A Good Night’s Sleep

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
“The worst thing in the world is to try to sleep and not to.” - F Scott Fitzgerald
Irritable. Angry. Moody. A few of the emotions we feel if one night, we don’t get good sleep. If this continues a few nights more of these same feelings are intensified. In addition, every waking moment seems unbearable,

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Let Us Protect Our Natural Heritage

By Dr Kasturi Desai
Two decades ago, Sunday mornings during the month of Shravan used to be great fun for Goan children. It was then that the kids were asked to go and fetch different types of leaves for their mothers. These leaves were used in the Aitar Pooja.

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