Sunday , 24 March 2019


The Auspicious Festival of Dasro

By Vinayak Khedekar

asro is observed as an auspicious festivity in Goa. In most of the villages, it is celebrated with traditional gaiety. People carry the palanquin of local deities to the boundaries of their villages and worship the Apta tree.

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Bearing Children Consciously

By Sadhguru

Emotionally, psychologically, bearing children is not an instinct; it is a trick that you play. Physically it is an instinct, but emotionally and psychologically it is a trick, it’s a ploy that you are creating to extend yourself.

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The Fast and the Restless

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes

Ever since his marriage and the birth of his son, Rishi’s life is one big mess. He can’t manage to do any job well. His boss has begun doubting whether he should have given him a promotion. At work he misses all his deadlines.

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Unearned Wealth

By Khushwant Singh

He admire men who by their own efforts acquire wealth that will last for seven generations (saat pushton tak). We believe that inheritors of such wealth have every right to enjoy the bounty left to them by their ancestors — baap dada ki jaidaad. These are feudal concepts which many capitalist democracies have abolished.

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Panchgani a Pretty Picture

By Meher Castelino

One of the most beautiful holidays I have had is in Panchgani a tiny quiet hill station near Mumbai. The name Panchgani means amidst five hills and it is one of the most picturesque places in Maharashtra.

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The Master Decision-maker

By Sambit Bal

For a man who has been blessed with every stroke, Sachin Tendulkar can sometimes reveal his genius while stealing a single. As Australia, in the manner of most contemporary teams, went into boundary-denying mode after the first session today, Tendulkar switched to accumulation gear, with deft nudges and glides, pushes and silent drives. One of these strokes can be used to illustrate his command over his batting faculties.

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