Friday , 22 March 2019


Remembering Indira Gandhi

By Prajal Sakhardande
Today October 31, is a historic day to remember two of India’s outstanding leaders – the Iron Lady of India – Indira Gandhi and the Iron man of India – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Our ex-prime minister Indira Gandhi was assassinated on this date in 1984 and Vallabhbhai Patel was born on this day.

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Goa’s Doomsday Scenario

By Mário Cabral E Sá
I am most happy that Aleixo Sequeira, minister for power and CM Digambar Kamat have realised – at last should I add - that Goa is creating jobs for which it does not have adequate manpower and, as a result, it “has failed to gain the confidence of the locals” and imports manpower which pollutes the environment. An example, Aleixo pointed out, is the case of the Kesarval spring.

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Ayodhya Conflict without Bias

By Khushwant Singh
I believe Sikhs are an integrated part of the Hindu family of religions. So, being a Sikh my bias in Hindu-Muslim conflicts should be in favour of the Hindus. It is not so. Whenever such conflicts take place, my bias is on the side of ‘the’ Muslims. I learnt this from no less a person than Mahatma Gandhi.

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Where the Sea Meets the Desert

Kuwait is an oil-rich, modernised, cosmopolitan state in the Middle East. It has sovereignty over nine small islands (the largest is Bubiyan and the most populous is Failaka) although the entire state was mercilessly raped during the Gulf War,

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Statesmen Bungle State Visits

By Dhananjaya Bhat
President Obama, when he visited Japan in 2009 bowed very low to the Japanese sovereign as he was being introduced and this set off a new peel of censure by Obama-watchers. How could a US President, leader of the free world, master of the world’s destiny, etcetera, etcetera, bow to another mortal being so abjectly?

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