Thursday , 18 April 2019


Few words can tell a story

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The start of the Goa Corporate league is one time of the year where all clubs of Goa Cricket Association (GCA) meet. It is an evening where the new meet the old; the young observe the seasoned; wives meet and bring the family into public domain; and time to swirl on some good scotch and savour tasty food. ... Read More »

India’s batting needs attention, before World Cup

AYAZ MEMON A few days back spin ace Kuldeep Yadav told the media that he wanted to ‘focus on his batting too’ and will be spending more time in the nets with coach Sanjay Bangar to improve this ability. Yadav’s statement has implications beyond just a young player’s laudable desire to help his team. It is also an indication perhaps ... Read More »

The Abreus’ destino

‘Shadow of the Palm Tree’, the debut book by journalist, editor and scriptwriter Vatsala Mendonca de Sousa is set in Goa, and is a story of identity and survival, love and sacrifice, forgotten history and cultural conflicts. An excerpt from the 2018 book NT NETWORK It was a soft, sensual sunset that gave way suddenly to a deep, dramatic night. ... Read More »

The Kumlbi Religion

TENSING RODRIGUES As we said before, a people craft their god in their own image and likeness; thus knowing the god, we can know the people. Following in the footsteps of pioneers like Sontheimer and Shulman, we begin our study of the kumlbi religion; with the fond hope that we may be able to know this ancient community better. [Sontheimer, ... Read More »

War and peace

Luis Dias Many of you reading this will have some recollection of the 1971 Indo-Pak war, and perhaps equally many will not, having been born after it. Although I was just five years old that December, at kindergarten in Cristo Rei, I remember it well. For weeks in the run-up to the war, my dad would have us huddled around ... Read More »

Smart bombs and spy satellites

Nandkumar M Kamat Smart bombs like the Israel made SPICE-2000 and earth observing spy satellites like India’s Cartosat, RISAT-1 and 2 have recently caught the public imagination. RISAT 1 and 2 are constantly watching the Indian subcontinent and can take images using made in Israel X band synthetic aperture radar systems even through thick clouds two to three times a ... Read More »

Of wings and fantasy

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Other countries celebrate their mythical animals. Garuda belongs to Indian mythology but is the national bird and symbol of Indonesia. The Phoenix or Homa is revered in Iran. Here are some we should know: Byangoma/Byangomi are the legendary birds of Bengal. They look like hoopoes, are wise, strict, and assist whom they consider deserving. They are born ... Read More »

Reclaim nationalism

The Left is embarrassed to show any loyalty to the Indian State, leaving the space to the rightwing Barkha Dutt We live in the age of the mob. Self-styled policemen of patriotism patrol our social media posts and navigate the imagined interiors of our minds to see if we pass or fail tests set by them. Television anchors — who ... Read More »

Precious pages that need new life

Frederick Noronha A Sunday ago, I spent a pleasurable afternoon, and much of the evening too, browsing through pre-owned books scattered carefully across one corner of the Campal Grounds. Those in the know would remember that Bookworm, a fascinating children’s library at Fontainhas-Mala (earlier based in Taleigao) has its jumble sale at this time of the year. Bookworm collects a ... Read More »

Diplomacy must prevail

Shashi Shekhar India, along with other countries, should try to free Islamabad from the clutches of Rawalpindi. “Namaskar, I read your article, felt a little disappointed. The idea of revenge in the frenzy of war will give immediate satisfaction but not a permanent solution. Manmohan Singh did not take revenge but Kashmir became peaceful to a large extent. If the ... Read More »