Sunday , 22 July 2018


Uncontrolled Trade Destroying Roen Olamis

Nandkumar Kamat   To anyone interested in knowing the scientific, ecological, biological, educational and conservation aspects of popular ‘Roen Olamis’ of Goa my playlist of 101 You Tube Videos is more than sufficient ( Please like & share: Read More »

The 2018 World Cup has seen a renewal in the quality of football

SOUMYA BHATTACHARYA   Till the 95th minute of Germany’s group game against Sweden, the score remained 1-1. Which meant that the defending champions would be eliminated before the World Cup entered the knockout stage. Germany, one of the favourites, who have won the tournament four times, and have never fallen before the semi final in this century, were on the ... Read More »

The other side of the World Cup

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES   A fortnight of football World Cup is over and as we step in the crucial knock out round, public reaction is still lukewarm. This reaction probably stems from the fact that most teams started cautiously and this caution is because all know that their future depends on the outcome of three games. Please like & share: Read More »

The soul of Sabarmati

The Satyagraha Ashram on the banks of the Sabarmati in Ahmedabad was founded by Gandhi on June 17, 1917. As the Ashram completed its centenary year last Sunday, we take a look at the place it had in the Mahatma’s life Poulomi Banerjee A couple of international tourists, guide in tow, step into the air-conditioned exhibition area of Sabarmati Ashram ... Read More »

The English language and a set of pleasing discoveries

Karan Thapar Did you know that the English language has no words that rhyme with month, orange, silver and purple? Were you aware that hungry and angry are the only words that end with ‘gry’ and dreamt is the only one that ends with ‘mt’? Indeed, did you realise that the least used letter is ‘q’, while the most common ... Read More »

Is animal testing required?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Millions of animals are torn open every year in laboratories because people – and governments – feel safer knowing that almost everything that reaches us has been tested on an animal. The point is – does it make you safer? Imagine inventing a medicine for a bird. It is only tested on birds. Could it be given ... Read More »

When RSS praised and flattered Nehru

Ramachandra Guha Long before the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh invited Pranab Mukherjee to Nagpur, they had sought to build bridges with a far greater Congressman. On August 30, 1949, the head of the RSS, MS Golwalkar, and Jawaharlal Nehru had a 20-minute meeting at Teen Murti House. This prompted a lead story in the RSS mouthpiece, Organiser (issue of September 6, ... Read More »

How (not) to promote the book

Frederick Noronha For a small state like Goa, which long had to depend on the outside world for its intellectual products, books are a crucial vehicle for a more informed future. Books offer pathways to life. From children to scholars, for entertainment or knowledge, these weapons of mass information can indeed play a crucial role. Goa, as a region, has ... Read More »

Honouring Our Elders

Patricia Pereira Sethi With the number of senior citizens projected to reach 20 crore by 2030, ageing will soon emerge as a major social challenge for our nation. The number of Indians over the age of 60 has already hit an all-time high, accounting for 8.6 per cent of the country’s 121 crore population, according to official figures released in ... Read More »

The Vadukar Country

Tensing Rodrigues The vadukar country is where the roots of most of us lie. But before we return to that land of our ancestors, we need to set right a few misconceptions. The first is the false relationship between the occupation and the group tag that we carry. We have already made it clear, on the basis of irrefutable evidence, ... Read More »