Wednesday , 14 November 2018


The Master Decision-maker

By Sambit Bal

For a man who has been blessed with every stroke, Sachin Tendulkar can sometimes reveal his genius while stealing a single. As Australia, in the manner of most contemporary teams, went into boundary-denying mode after the first session today, Tendulkar switched to accumulation gear, with deft nudges and glides, pushes and silent drives. One of these strokes can be used to illustrate his command over his batting faculties.

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Classics in Limbo

India is the biggest film producing country in the world. In terms of quality too, we have gifted the world many unforgettable films by talented filmmakers in every genre of cinema one can think of – period films, literary classics, love stories, road movies, adventure tales, and so on.

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The Interesting and Colourful Life of Dr Cui

Dr Fernando Wolfango da Silva was born on November 7, 1914 in Lisbon, Portugal, though of Goan origin. He was the son of Dr Francisco Wolfango da Silva, director of the erstwhile Escola Medico-cirugica de Nova Goa and director of Health Services (Diretor do services de saude) during the Portuguese days.

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The Largest Donkey Fair in Asia

By M J Raju
Believe or not…the world’s most famous donkey fair at Kanota near Jaipur, in October every year, is in trouble due to three reasons, despite the fact that the 2003 ‘donkey’ census revealed that there were as many a 19 lakhs donkeys in India.
First the Afghan Taliban problem…

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The British Cemetery at Dona Paula

A British cemetery in Goa? Well one will be puzzled at this piece of history of Goa.
While the rest of our country was under the British yoke we in Goa were under the Portuguese rule yet one wonders how a British cemetery came to Goa. The British cemetery in Goa is located in the Dona Paula and in the immediate neighbourhood of the Cabo Raj Niwas.

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A See-saw Puzzle

The proclamation of the Republic of Portugal has been a subject of much interest in Goa.  How did the Portuguese treat Goans? Were the Goans happy or unhappy that the monarchy was abolished in Portugal? Neither to my mind, except for the Hindus who now expected equal civic rights.

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The Impact of Migration

By Tomazinho Cardozo
Goa had a population of just 6 lakhs in 1961 when it was liberated from the Portuguese rule. After almost 50 years, Goa’s population has reached to over 15 lakhs in 2010. An increase of almost 9 lakhs! Surprisingly over one third of this population consists of non-Goans who have settled in Goa after 1961.

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The Effects of Divorce on Children

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
What happens when there is a cold war between parents? When they have screaming matches at home? When the atmosphere at home is so disturbing it feels like you are not at home in your own home? When there is a looming divorce hanging in the air? Children suffer. And they suffer badly.

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World Gone Mad

By Khushwant Singh
Nine-years-ago, a pilot belonging to a radical Muslim terrorist group rammed his plane into a skyscraper in New York killing himself, all the passengers and many hundreds in the skyscraper.

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