Saturday , 20 April 2019


A Selfless Service

Prof Agnel Crasto has completed almost two decades of dedicated service. He runs the Institute of Personality Development at Panaji where he is giving a yeoman service to the youth of Goa. Cedric Silveira in conversation with Prof Crasto

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Understanding Science behind Low Sex Ratio

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat
The 2011 Census happens post Goa’s phenomenal economic growth, rapid urbanisation, changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle, morbidity and mortality profile, rising  male and female infertility and a simultaneous growth of fertility clinics and popularity of Assisted Reproduction Technology or ART.

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Dispelling Myths

In recent days, there has been an upheaval on this subject with claims and counter-claims, charges and counter-charges, rallies and counter-rallies and what have you. In this charged atmosphere, few are prepared to look at the issue dispassionately. To do this, one needs to collect facts and analyse them before coming to a reasoned conclusion.


By S M Borges

It the very outset, it would be profitable to ponder over the general aims and objects of education, especially primary. I do not buy the claim that only education in a regional language or mother tongue fosters patriotism and respect for one’s culture.

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More Actions Less Talk

The day I feel I am perfectly okay and fit to travel to Rajasthan – I have been there several times on writing and reporting assignments and know how harsh the terrain and climate can be – I will straightaway go to Soda, an obscure village in a obscure taluka 60 km from Jaipur, sitting on camel if must, to hug and bow in reverence to 30-year-old (her age now, she might be a lot older when we meet) Chaavi Rajawat. The indifference to her stupendous attitude to rural welfare in Goa was made very obvious to me by our newspapers: only two of the three English dailies I subscribe gave the news put out by news-agencies but buried it in their inside pages


By Mário Cabral e Sá

Every time I have a serious health problem and the crisis worsens, I tell my private God, "Sir, I refuse to die". And alive I am to this day.

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The Impact of Urbanisation

By Tomazinho Cardozo

Earlier people used to move to cities in search of jobs. This was needed because besides traditional occupations like agriculture, fishing, etc, there were no other opportunities for people to earn their daily bread in villages.

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Coconut Plucking: A Ritual

By Vinayak Khedekar

In ancient regime, the wealth of a family or person was measured by the godhan - cattle wealth. During that period it was a common belief that all the land belonged to god and we were cultivators and enjoyed only the yield.

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Be a Champion of Life

By Sadhguru

As children, we would play a game simply because we enjoyed it. Slowly, sport has evolved into an investment opportunity. Take the Cricket World Cup for example. Sadly, as the players become more and more involved in the championship, they forget the play. In fact, play becomes work. Only when players enjoy the game can they perform their best.

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Treat It Early

By Dr Kasturi Desai

One common problem which is often neglected at an early stage is swelling in the legs, ankles and other body parts like the face, arms and neck. Sometimes there may be swelling around the eyes also.

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