Wednesday , 21 November 2018


The Curious Case of Goa’s Law and Order

By Mário Cabral e Sá
Is Ravi Naik the same Minister for Home, who on December 2 berated the Goa Police, especially the investigating officers in charge of police stations, for failing to properly investigate cases registered in their jurisdiction; the same Ravi Naik who on umpteen earlier occasions said that the Goa Police was as good as the best and that Goa could do without calling in the CBI, even in difficult cases?

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Encouraging Creativity in Schools

By Tomazinho Cardozo
Educational institutions should have been the centre of all round development of children, but, unfortunately, most schools do not cater to this as they [the institutes] are enslaved by the examination system and hence concentrate all their efforts in getting 100 per cent results, in the bargain sacrificing many other talents of students.

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What does Your Religion Mean to You?

By Khushwant Singh
What does your religion mean to you? I suggest that on religious festivals after performing expected rituals, people should spend a little time — about half-an-hour — in silence and ask themselves:  “What does my religion really mean to me?” Hindus could do this on Ram Navmi or Diwali, Muslims on Eid-ul Fitr, Christians on Christmas, Sikhs on the birth anniversaries of the founder of Sikhism — Guru Nanak.

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Creating Artificial Reef by Sinking ‘River Princess’

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat
When there is a problem, there also comes an opportunity. The government is soon going to waste massive public funds - almost Rs 100 crore - in removal of the drifted vessel M/V River Princess. The amount is several times the total budget of the tourism department and at least hundred times the income of the Candolim panchayat. For a smaller amount Candolim could have got Goa’s best underground sewerage system.

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Kohli Brings Versatility to India

By Harsha Bhogle
Barring what those who draft contracts call “an act of God”, Virat Kohli has sealed his place in India’s World Cup squad. He has shown a calm head and a solid temperament, qualities for long considered a challenge for him, and by embracing them has revealed his ambition.

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Swooning Over Shah Rukh

By Mehru Jaffer
She saw the Shah Rukh Khan starrer period film, ‘Veer Zaara’, in 2004, and her whole life changed. No she is not some crazed Mumbai movie fan but a sensitive painter-sculptor - German artist Anna Mandel - whose recent works are inspired by popular Hindi cinema.

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