Tuesday , 19 February 2019


What has cricket given Indian pop culture?

By Ashok Malik
In 2001, the Hindi film ‘Lagaan’ opened to rapturous reviews and sizzling ticket sales. A year later, it made it to an Oscar nomination. The story of an unlikely cricket team of Indian peasants - a rainbow XI with representation across caste and religious lines – ‘Lagaan’ used a cricket match as the location of anti-colonial protest. The Indians defeated an English team and saved themselves from an oppressive land tax.

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A Linguistic Truth:

By Zeenat Zafar
In a recent Hindi film, the actress Katrina Kaif holds a thin white bed sheet against her bare body and sings, in English: ‘’I know you want it, but you’re never gonna get it.’’

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Women Who Create Ripples

By Aditi Bishnoi
Armed with thoughtful gifts – a shawl for the lady and a pretty dress for her daughter – she went visiting the humble home of her gracious hostess, the owner of a small food business in a poor neighbourhood of Canning, a town in 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. There, she sat on the floor beside the mother-daughter duo and their handful of goats, and exchanged life stories like old friends.

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The Genius Herbalist:Dada Vaidya

By Mário Cabral e Sá
Three or four years back, four students pharmacists, three girls, and one boy, in their last year of graduation, visited Goa on a WHO grant. We met at Dr Sawaikar’s yoga therapy clinic. Being young and talkative when they found out that I was a journalist they bugged me for information. I suggested they meet Raj Vaidya, a scrupulous, knowledgeable, young and innovative pharmacist and owner of the Hindu Pharmacy.  I was not the first to tell it to them, they said.

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Dreaming of an Ideal Goa

By Tomazinho Cardozo
In Goa, frequent change of political leadership was a very common affair sometime back and in this regard Goa achieved a degree of notoriety. Goa set new political records by changing seven chief ministers in five years.

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The New Internet Explorer 9 RC

By Prasad Naik
Sleeker, faster and more secure but still not as good as rivals Internet Explorer has had a long and successful journey. Despite being outclassed by other browsers in almost every aspect it continues to dominate the browser market.

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Incredible India Sign of the Times

By Sudha Kale

When was the last time you stepped into a post office? You probably don’t even know where one is located in your area. In the age of boombox and iPod, how the heart still warms up on seeing a curio-value, out-of-use gramophone and skips beats at the clickety-clack of typewriters while passing by a court complex.

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