Tuesday , 26 March 2019


Restoring the Soul of Salcete

By Dr Nandkumar M Kamat
Expectedly, the Sal River, the soul of the Salcete taluka, is again in the news. The credit for the neglect this river suffers goes to indifferent village panchayats, heavyweight politicians of the area, and the inefficient Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB).

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Vintage Wizardry

By Ramachandra Guha
From the middle of October to the middle of December 2010, the Republic of India was beset by a series of corruption scandals - money illegally made on contracts for the Commonwealth Games, on housing projects in Mumbai and mining schemes in Karnataka, on the allocation of scarce airwaves for mobile-phone companies.

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Of Promises Made and Broken

By T K Krishnamurthy

There’s many a slip twixt the cup and the lip, goes the old English proverb and it aptly applies to our World Cup winning Indian cricketers and their coach Gary Kirsten, who missed the chance of making Bangalore their future home just like a missed catch in a game of cricket.

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The True Cross and Easter

By Marianne Williams

Easter Day every year is known as Resurrection of Jesus Christ and all over the world in thousands of churches. Christians of all denominations make it a point to make their obeisance to the Cross as the ultimate Christian symbol.

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Beyond Small

By Mário Cabral e Sá

When the encyclopedic Hiren Mukherji visited Goa soon after its liberation in his capacity as the chairman of Public Accounts Committee he visited Mormugao Port.

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Of Communalism and Medium of Instruction

By Tomazinho Cardozo

The happenings at Azad Maidan on April 6, 2011 have exposed the true colours of leaders of Konkani movement. These leaders, who used to shout at the top of their voices that Marathi had no place in Goa, were seen sharing the platform with protagonists of Marathi.

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Salt of the Land

By Vinayak Khedekar

Salt is a prominent part of our diet. The Gawda community is mainly engaged in producing salt through traditional means. The place where salt is produced is known as Mithagar.

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Heritage Houses of Margoa

By Prajal Sakhardande

Tomorrow, April 18 is World Heritage Day. As we celebrate this day dedicated to heritage, a beautiful heritage house on the old Abade Faria Street, Margao is being demolished. The town of Margao is a showcase of magnificent heritage houses from the colonial era.

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