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Ignite the Hunger for Knowing

By Sadhguru

There are so many things that one can do in this world -- walk, swim, dance, gossip, love, drink, have drugs… And yet, for ages, as long back as you can look, why is it that human beings have longed for something beyond?

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Let Us Propagate Plants

By Dr Kasturi Desai

Every time I look around, as a botanist, I find so much wealth in the plant kingdom and how limited our knowledge. It is customary to give local names to the plants whose use is traditional but there are innumerable plants that have botanical names but locally no significant name is set as its uses are not known.

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Before he began his recital, Saeed asked me to explain why I was so enamoured of Urdu poetry. I replied, "Urdu has more musical vocabulary than any other language I have heard. Its chief exponent Mirza Ghalib also happens to be my role model. He was agnostic

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Jakarta Jaunt

A couple of years ago we had the chance of visiting Jakarta and the experience was very enlightening. First of all the food in Jakarta is delicious and spicy and for Indians it is a haven. Of course there is a lot to see in Jakarta of historic as well as modern interest

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The Return of Neckwear

By Ben Jones

when I say ‘neck ties’ I am not talking about the traditional, tightly-knotted office tie which probably serves as a constant reminder of the 9 to 5 working week and putting your nose to the grindstone. No, no – the most current neck adornment to take SS12 by storm is defined by Esquire magazine as: ‘a narrow strip of material worn around the neck and knotted at the throat.’ Think neckerchief-style for an urban dandy look rather than corporate office-wear.

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Raman Effect: A Reward of Self Confidence

One can say that the first half of the last century was India’s golden period in basic scientific research. India’s most discussed, most celebrated and most famous Nobel Laureate, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman discovered the Raman Effect on February 28, 1928

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A Day in the Life of a Candidate

By Derek Almeida

Salvador Paklo Fernandes is a veteran politician who has never lost an election. Want to know why? It’s because he knows the pulse of the voter at any given time of the year. This time too he employed the formula that had held him in good stead in the past, which is to please everyone.

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The ‘Ferry’ Tales of Goa

By Maria de Lourdes Bravo da Costa Rodrigues
Before either the Mandovi or the Zuari bridges were constructed, I used the ferry boat to get across the river.

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For a Fair Child, Eat this; For a Boy, Eat that!

By Aastha Kant
Women from an urban resettlement area in Delhi were interviewed in order to get an idea of common food-related myths and beliefs. Take the experience of Sadhana, whose family was originally based in Uttar Pradesh, “I had only known of saffron as something used in religious ceremonies.

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