Sunday , 16 June 2019
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Hands of Clay

Kumartuli, the idolmakers’ quarter in old Kolkata, remains a symbol of continuity of Bengal’s 250-year-old craftsmanship and culture revolving round the annual Durga Puja. Arnab Chakraborty walks through the clayey lanes, back in times


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Rising to the Challenge

Despite beliefs that a woman goes that far and then be blocked from the upper ranks of an organisation, chances are that determination and a powerful image can disprove the adage, says Jaydip Majumder

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Kerala’s Own Classical Dance

Mohiniyattam is a popular classical dance from Kerala, having some resemblance with Kathakali. Mohiniyattam was originally called ‘Dasiyattam’ since it has been originated as the temple dance performed by Devadasis, it portrays feminine love in its myriad forms - carnal, devotional and maternal - with more accent on Lasya and Bhava

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The Politics of Politics

In the world-famous Pushkar cattle fair bulls and cows are auctioned and the highest bidder takes the best. Our version of Pushkar is about to begin. Last time round `500 was the minimum denomination. But inflation, as RBI confirms, has peaked. So, this election it will be a seller’s market. Winnable MLAs don’t be surprised if the voter takes your money and double-crosses you

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Forests Sustain Life

By Vinayak Khedekar

There was a period when the entire life cycle of Goans - mainly the rural and tribal society controlled by the environment. The surrounding nature provided the required food and medicine to cure diseases.

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Women’s Reservation Bill A Political Tsunami?

The opposition to the Women’s Reservation Bill increases with every passing minute. The Lok Sabha is dominated by male MPs. Almost 90 per cent of the MPs are men. Therefore, it is not easy for them to pass this Bill when they know that it is going to change the history of political domination of this country by men

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Experiencing Samadhi

By Sadhguru

Samadhi is a certain state of equanimity where the intellect goes beyond its normal function of discrimination. This in turn loosens one from one’s physical body, or else there is a space between what is you and what is your body.

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Magical Powders and Potions

Though freshly available, the dried form of ginger called Sunth should also be kept handy. The infusion of the dried underground stem with honey is a very effective treatment for indigestion, flatulence, colic, vomiting and loss of appetite. The infusion helps in promoting secretion of saliva and thus helps in keeping the throat moist and improves voice conditions. The dried powder can be kept handy when travelling as it prevents motion sickness wherein the patient feels nauseous and has a tendency to vomit

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Aum Swaha

As rumour got round that I was on the way out, some acquaintances decided to pay me what can be best described as hello-goodbye visit. Amongst them the best known was Gursharan Kaur, wife of the Prime Minister. She is a VIP in her own rights, as one who discharged the duties of the wife of the man who is ruler of the country. I was under the impression that she was a very soft person who spent a life-time cooking daal – chappati for her husband where he happened to be – Washington, New York, Bombay and Delhi

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Trekking Through Rainforests

In a global world getting smaller by the minute, there are still places still relatively untouched by man. The Gunung Palung National Park in West Kalimanthan, Indonesia, is one such. Sonali Jha Chatterjee treks to the park

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