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An Indo-Anglican Memento

By M J Raju
In the Dum Dum suburb of Calcutta, in a derelict condition, lies the country house of Robert Clive — the founder of the British Empire in India. The Clive House was a villa reconstructed by Robert Clive (1725-74), just after his famous victory at Plassey in 1757.

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Perfect Match

By Marilia Priyanka Fernandes
Will he change once we’re married? How do I know if she’s telling the truth? I wish he would listen more to me. I wish she would stop talking so much. I hope he won’t keep his legs on the table like his father.

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Parsis, My Favourite Community

By Khushwant Singh
I carve my readers’ forgiveness for my eccentricity. I believed that at long last I had found the right-sized condom for my pen and would produce no more.

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Remarkable Island

Kangaroo Island, 15 km off from the coast of South Australia, is more than an island destination you discover, on landing at the tiny airport of Kingscote disgorging from a petite Regional Express plane holding just 30 odd passengers.

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Bangkok Today, Panaji Tomorrow

By Nandkumar M Kamat
There are many things common between Bangkok and Panaji. Both are Asian coastal towns located on the mouths of tropical estuaries. Both have been built by reclaiming coastal wetlands and swamps.

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Being CM for a Day

By Derek Almeida
Sometimes when I take a shave, wear tailor stitched trousers and sit at my favourite table in a dark corner of my favourite restaurant with my glasses on my forehead, people mistake me for the CM. Word gets around and soon enough there is a stream of people wanting to meet me.

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Search for Shanti

By Anuradha Das | NT NETWORK

In the afternoon of November 3, I was scheduled to interview the dynamic Israeli Consul General in India, Ms Orna Sagiv, and it was with a mixture of mild trepidation, curiosity and excitement that I set out on my daunting assignment.

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Astrologers of India Mystify the British

One phenomenon that used to mystify the British was the way orthodox Indian astrologers/sadhus used to foretell the future and at times provide occult solutions to the strange problems one encounters in life.

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