Wednesday , 24 April 2019


Aum Swaha

As rumour got round that I was on the way out, some acquaintances decided to pay me what can be best described as hello-goodbye visit. Amongst them the best known was Gursharan Kaur, wife of the Prime Minister. She is a VIP in her own rights, as one who discharged the duties of the wife of the man who is ruler of the country. I was under the impression that she was a very soft person who spent a life-time cooking daal – chappati for her husband where he happened to be – Washington, New York, Bombay and Delhi

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Political Economy of Solid Waste Management

By Nandkumar M Kamat

Government of Goa and its army of officer love to work without laying down firm public policies and guidelines. Nota having a policy is helpful in doing what one wishes-right or wrong, mostly wrong. Solid waste has become the flavour of the season because the government has opened its purses.

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My Friend, Shehla Fighter Till The Last

It was Diwali 2010, and this was the festive message I received from Shehla Masood: "HAPPY DIWALI IN PENCH - Today nothing can be more exciting than the news of the Pench tigress giving birth to five cubs, and a Saraswati elephant giving birth to a baby elephant calf. Both the mothers and their young ones are safe and healthy." It was typical of Shehla, her concerns as an animal conservationist and her spontaneously expressed joy of living. Less than a year later, she would be dead, slumped in her car outside her residence in Bhopal


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The Impregnable Fortress

By M J Raju

The three-million-square-kilometre area of India with 5000 years of history is strewn with thousands of fortresses, each with its own right to fame. When it comes to the famous Red Fort of Delhi, it is the place, where successive empires of India have given way to a Republican India.

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Food Heritage of Goa’s Chavath

By Prajal Sakhardande

The Lord of Ecology, Lord of knowledge, Ganesh is in our homes. The joint family system is back, albeit for a few day, till Lord Ganesh is with us. The past is recreated in these days. Traditional utensils, traditional clothes and traditional ways of serving and eating food on the banana leaf or the patravall.

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The Lost ‘Golden Hour’ Lessons In Emergency Response

By Geeta Seshu

Ariveting photograph of the bomb blasts that shook Mumbai recently was of bloodied victims being transported in a tempo to the nearest hospital - a telling comment on the state of emergency care in a city that has been facing major attacks every few years and, given its very large population, scores of minor emergencies daily.

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