Thursday , 25 April 2019


No Health Without Mental Health!

By Gracy Andrew
Think of  the words ‘mental health’ and the images that would most probably come to your mind is some one running on the streets screaming out nonsensical words that make sense to no one or scenes that we have often seen in Bollywood cinema - of people walking around a hospital ward evoking laughter with their quaint behaviour.

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Anorexic in Fashion?

By Valeria Marchetti
The cover of Vogue Italy’s September 2011 issue - timed to appear during the Italian fashion week - features Stella Tennant, the striking 40-year-old super model and mother of three.

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A Strange Diwali Celebration

By Shekher Phadnis
Diwali is celebrated all over India in a multitude of ways. Kali puja in Bengal, Narakasura Vadham in South India, Bharat Milap in North India and so on. But the strangest celebration is by having a ritual…cow dung bath!

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TV Channels and Censorship

By Tomazinho Cardozo
As reported, the government of India plans to impose certain restrictions on TV content. In fact, the Union Cabinet has already approved a proposal which empowers the Information and Broadcasting Ministry to not renew licences of TV channels if the ministry feels that the programmes aired on them are vulgar, obscene, anti-national, etc.

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Amazing Veggies

By Dr Kasturi Desai
It is amazing to note the diversity we have in the world of veggies. Since they are different parts of plants, their nutritional values and medicinal uses also vary considerably.

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The Bodhi Tree

By Jose Mathew Ovelil
In the year 1965 a great scientist Dr Oliver established the ISSP, the International Society of Scientists for Peace, on an unknown island in the Pacific Ocean.

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