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Change Your Lifestyle

By Dr Kasturi Desai

Today our lifestyle has become such that we are disconnected from physical work. A child of three is sent to school with a huge bag and he is supposed to maintain discipline and not move.

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The Stray Cat Who Was

By Shirley Warren

I can still remember waking up in the middle of the night to what sounded like a terrible catfight. Perhaps it was the neighbour’s cat or the stray they had been feeding.

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Bhook-hartal as Tamaasha

By Khushwant Singh

Anna Hazare has made fasting into a tamaasha. I observe the same kind of fast daily. I don’t eat between breakfast and lunch. Nor between lunch and supper. He makes the first pages of all the newspapers and top news of TV channels. No one takes the slightest notice of my two fasts a day. I think this is most unfair.

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Los Angeles Fundays

By Meher Castelino

Mention the name Los Angeles or LA and the first thing that comes to mind about this glamorous city in sunny California is Hollywood.

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“I would rather be remembered for playing good music”

Mauris Gomes is a well known DJ. Drawn to music from childhood he is now an accomplished DJ, playing at various locations in Goa. He won the War of DJ, 2009 at the Goa level. He loves connecting with people through his music. Cedric Silveira learns more

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The Potential of Kokum Bio-prospecting

By Nandkumar M Kamat

A local manufacturer has come out with an interesting product - Kokum soda. This shows the potential of value addition. Bio prospecting is systematic chemical screening of useful products. With more than 30 countries showing active interest in the fruit, kokum is posed to be a future money spinner.

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Give us this day our daily booze

The frequent raids by the Election Commission on shops, restaurants and politicians houses to unearth liquor has taken the kick out of the polls and turned them into a tame academic affair. What’s an election without the booze? It’s like a football match without the ball.

Somebody has to protest and being a blue-blooded Goan, domicile certificate and all, I decided to write these Delhiwallas a letter to remind them how ‘ajeeb’ we are

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New Year Forecasts: Star Fixations

By Hema Vijay
Every morning, the ‘agraharas’, or lanes, that run in successive squares around the famous Sri Parthasarathy temple in Chennai’s Triplicane area, are abuzz with activity – braving the winter nip, women dressed in the traditional nine-yard sari are drawing elaborate ‘kolams’

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Descendants of Prophet Muhammad in India

By K D L Khan
February 4th marks the Milad-un Nabi the sacred birthday of Prophet Muhammad. In this context, it is interesting to consider the saga of Sayyids - the traditional descendants of the Prophet’s tribe of Banu Hashim.

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Those Were the Days My Friends

By Mário Cabral E Sá
Khushwant Singh’s column last Sunday was about his and Mario’s days in The Times of India.  Those, too, for reasons I will explain in a future column, were my days.

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