Sunday , 16 June 2019
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An Offer they Can’t Refuse

By Derek Almeida

Don Pilerno was the first to speak. Although young, he was feared and respected by the heads of the other families who had gathered in the conference room of a posh five star hotel across the river.

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A Historic Ground

“Your team is coming to play here this season. Let’s see who wins,” the eyes in the cheerful face of the gentleman in a bright blazer twinkled. He was showing me around the Oval cricket ground in Adelaide, capital of South Australia.

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Do Women in Power Act Differently?

Some evidence suggests that women’s involvement in political institutions is associated with better local environmental management. Yet, women’s mere presence in institutions is not enough to overcome entrenched disparities – additional changes and flexibility in institutional forms are needed to ensure that women can participate effectively in decision-making.

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The Ten Days of Muharram

By K D L Khan
The Muharram procession passing through the streets of major Indian cities is a strange and fascinating spectacle verging on the bizarre – for although the accompanying music sounds like a funeral dirge, it is some time before one realises that the participants are mourners not revellers.

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A Paradise Under Threat

By Tomazinho Cardozo
It’s a very frightening situation. Crimes like murders, rapes and assaults are on the rise in this tiny state of Goa.

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Balancing Weight and Health

By Dr Kasturi Desai
A person’s weight is a major criterion for good health. As underweight individuals may look sickly similarly overweight people also look odd. According to Ayurveda a person’s weight should be according to his height and stature.

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Political Gimmickry

By Khushwant Singh
Mayawati, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, has announced her resolve to divide the State she rules into four. Her decision can be rubbished on more than four grounds.

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Lazing Out in Lucca

By T L Reid
“Take the train from the Pisa airport,” my instructions read but when I approached the ticket counter, the man shook his head. “No,” he said, “you don’t want to do that. Too long a wait.” “The blue bus,” he pointed out the window.

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Make Way for the HTC Flyer

By Shruti Shah
After introducing several noteworthy products in the smartphone arena, HTC has now entered the enticing tablet market. Bringing in the new tablet-oriented Sense UI, and coupled with a stylus known as the Magic Pen, the Flyer attempts to break the clutter of Android tablets.
First Impressions

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