Thursday , 15 November 2018


Assembly as Final Arbiter

By Mário Cabral E Sá
There is no black and white in this world. It is all patches of grey. And MoI is one such grey area. CM Digambar Kamat justified the decision of the majority of his cabinet on MoI stating that the parents’ wish had been fulfilled.

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Trees in Ritualistic Traditions

By Dr Kasturi Desai
In continuation of the series - trees of Goa that have medicinal value, one major genus that must be taken note of is the genus Ficus. Four of the genus is regularly used in religious rituals and all of them are medicinally important.

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A Trademark of Goan Cuisine

By Melinda Pereira Kamat
Kocchla Lonche (Semi ripe mango pickle), Time: 25-30min., Yield: 2 watis, Ingredients: 290g green mature mangoes [zhoon, 2 mangoes], 1 tsp chilli powder, 20 tsp sugar, 20g ginger [1 big piece], 10 g garlic [whole bulb], salt to taste
Method: Wash, wipe dry, slice the top portion and peel the mangoes. Discard the seedstone.

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HTC Incredible S

By Chandrakant
The HTC Incredible S wasn’t love at first sight for me. That may be because it is just another ‘droid, or it is simply down to the horrible name. Nokia may bore you to death with robotic naming convention, but on the other hand, HTC blurs the line between creativity and hilarity with phones such as HTC Hero, Trophy, Rider, Flyer, Dream and Chacha. However, I can’t seem to get my hands off this phone - banal nomenclature notwithstanding. The device may not look stunning, but it blends subtlety with out-of-the-box design cues.

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The Less Known Side of B R Ambedkar

By R C Rajamani

It may surprise many to know that Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar, celebrated as the "Father of Indian Constitution," found economics closest to his heart and got his doctorate for a thesis on "The Problem of the Rupee". He was a Professor of Economics in Mumbai’s Sydenham College in the early 1930s.

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