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Why I Gave Up On ‘Social Activism’

By Yoginder Sikand

Ever since I left home at the age of eighteen I’ve been desperately trying to change the world, as a self-appointed missionary of the ‘Revolution’. I began identifying with communities in India that saw themselves as ‘oppressed’, and took it upon myself to champion their ‘cause’.

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Goa’s Ladainha Tradition

Ladainha is a prayer, a plea to Our Lady and to the Saints and their names and symbolic attributes are cited and a request made to them to pray and implore to God for the well being of the faithful. In Goa we have Ladainhas throughout the year. These can be an annual or occasional event.

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Carlos Da Cruz – A Great Goan

Carlos da Cruz was the man who actually began the struggle for Goa’s freedom from the Portuguese rule by virtue of being the founder member of the historic Goa Congress Committee along with Dr T B Cunha

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Value of Public Opinion

Urbanisation has not only brought large audiences together, it has also created the need for communication within and between audiences, and among diverse social groups. The development of democratic processes has strengthened the public whose opinions count significantly. This has increased the social and political responsibilities of the communication media. It has also helped in compelling the decision makers to be accountable. Thus the importance of public opinion is very clear

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A Culture of Spirituality

By Sadhguru

It is natural for human intelligence to seek what is life and beyond – to look at life, to long to know. So how can you avoid spirituality?

You have managed to avoid it for a long time because you are deeply attached and identified with things that you are not. When I say things that you are not, it includes your body and your mind. Once you are identified with something that you are not, your intelligence is twisted, it cannot see anything straight because from then on it works only from that identity.

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Call him RJ Wordsworth

By James Roy

"Welcome to Haal Chhero Na Bondhu! This is your favourite channel and I… am RJ Den!"

So begins Sayomdeb Mukherjee every morning from his wheelchair, talking into the microphone at Kolkata’s Friends FM studio, his voice as crisp as his shirt. Mukherjee, or ‘Den’ as he’s called by listeners and friends, hosts a show which can now be dubbed ‘interesting’ after actor Aamir Khan has made social causes cool.

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The Happiest Day of My Life

By Michael T Smith

It started innocently. Many years ago I worked in an office with large windows facing a busy overpass. I was standing by one of those windows one day when a woman in a passing car looked up and made eye contact.

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Making it to Rajya Sabha

His being in the Rajya Sabha need not interfere with his playing in test matches. He can continue with his cricket and bring glory to his country. At the same time he can make the country more conscious of the necessity of being reckoned among the world’s top sporting nations. I wish him the best of luck as a Member of Parliament

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Konigsallee Home of Haute Fashion

By Meher Castelino

Parallel to the Heinrich-Heine-Allee over a tiny bridge perched across the Dussel River is Konigsallee (King’s Avenue) or KO as it is popularly called. It’s a kilometre long road with the best labels in the world and considered the most expensive avenue in Germany.

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“My books speak of my passion for art and photography”

Petwyn Fernandes is an artiste blessed with many talents. His passion for painting and photography has inspired him in releasing five books since 2008. His latest is a book on the Saints Procession at Goa Velha. Cedric Silveira spent time with Petwyn to learn about his inspiration behind his books

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