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The Phenomenon of the Absurd

By Jugeena Sudan

He was condemned for life to ceaselessly roll a rock to the top of a mountain, whence the stone would fall back of its own weight and he would start back to reach the bottom of the mountain to set on his task again

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New York New York

So what did we do in New York? There is so much on the list that even a lifetime is not enough but we managed to catch a few important sights. It’s the city that never sleeps just like Mumbai. It’s the city of gold where fortunes are made, just like Mumbai. It’s the city where everyone from the USA and around the world wants to live in, even though it is expensive just like Mumbai. Here is what we did which are some of the top attractions

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Simply for the Love of Music

In life you will find people who do things for the sake of doing it and people who do things because simply for the love of it. Paul Fernandes is certainly a singer/compeer/entertainer who falls in the latter category. Cedric Silveira caught up with Paul to learn a little more about him

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All Eyes on Mars Laboratory Landing

By Nandkumar M Kamat

From August 5, 2012, the world’s most expensive robotic rover, a chemical and geological automated science laboratory, named Curiosity would arouse unprecedented global curiosity. The most ambitious mission in exploration of Mars in the history of space sciences would reach its’ climax in August 2012. It would be a memorable month in science and human history.

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Girl on the Park Bench

By Derek Almeida

Men and women, they are worlds apart. And the twain shall not meet, expect under the threat of marriage. If you ask me, marriage was designed for women, not men. How many married men do you know who would not steal a look at a curvy female standing in line for tickets at Inox? I have seen necks twisted out of shape and eyeballs fall out of sockets; all in good faith.

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Viva Espana! Tiki Taka Wins!

By Dattaraj V Salgaocar
V ikram and I had set out to watch the semi-finals and finals. Our prediction of the outcomes turned out to be accurate. 

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Going by the book

One often hears that today’s young generation- hooked on to reality shows on the telly, glitzy malls and frequent parties, does not have time to read fiction.

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Goa could become a Cultural Hub: Prava Rai

What attracted you to consider Goa as home?
When my husband retired we were looking for a suitable place to settle down. He thought Goa was right for various reasons, connectivity to the outside world and the more cosmopolitan society.

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Opposition Leaders Down Memory Lane

By Antonio V Franscisco Fernandes
The monsoon session of the Goa Legislative Assembly is on.  With the opposition yet to take off, it looks to be a tame affair. The opposition has to be strong if a democracy is to function properly.

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The Significant Others

By Malay Desai
Last week, a little-known French film released in India; little known because it didn’t star Matt Demon nor was it about a superhero saving a fictional town.

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