Saturday , 22 September 2018


Seeds sprouting in the rains!

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES This is the time of the year to take a look back at have an outwardly view of how the Indian Super League (ISL) has been playing football since its beginning. A lot of things have happened and a lot more will happen. But, the essence of the game will never change. When ISL started, few thought it ... Read More »

Trouble brewing: Why the Darjeeling tea industry is facing its biggest crisis

The Darjeeling tea industry is in crisis. The Gorkhaland agitation is the most recent blow to an industry hit by declining production and increasing competition   Aniek Paul Swaraj Kumar Banerjee, better known as Rajah, has descended to the plains handing the reins of his ancestral Makaibari tea estate, where he was born, to a new generation entrepreneur, Rudra Chatterjee, ... Read More »

Seriously, Shivraj Singh Chouhan!

Karan Thapar The chief minister of Madhya Pradesh is, I’m sure, an honourable man and I have little doubt those who know him would add a hardworking politician as well. My concerns, however, are a trifle different. Does Shivraj Singh Chouhan care about the claims he makes or the impression they create of his judgement and likeability? For a politician ... Read More »

Is that a tantrum, or a cry for help?

Sanchita Sharma How can you hurt someone who’s done you no harm? Hurting a stranger is actually easier because the victim is dehumanised and the perpetrator believes he has a greater chance of not being caught. Much like Harry Potter and his pals under the cloak of invisibility, the anonymous assailant takes bigger risks. This invisibility syndrome also applies to ... Read More »

Long on allegations, but quite short on clarity

Mark Tully I have been in London this week where the Mother of Parliaments has been accused of being smothered in slime and its members described as sex-pests. I started every day by listening to discussions on BBC Radio 4’s breakfast show about this slime, the allegations women either employed in parliament or political journalists have made against MPs, described ... Read More »

Twists in the tongue

Frederick Noronha Language can be a complex issue. Discussing it, in a lighter vein on Facebook recently, a Bengaluru-based Goan techie voiced admiration for the number of languages some people could speak. Then, he went on to half-jokingly add that he himself new a dozen or more, including BASIC, C, C++, Java, FORTRAN, Pascal and the like. These were, of ... Read More »

Delhi’s queer pride parade: A short gasp of breath in a choked environment

Dhrubo Jyoti What is an afternoon of pride for a lifetime of shame and bias? Thousands of people came together under a smoggy sky for the 10th annual Delhi Queer Pride – a remarkable celebration for a community funded event that has thrived for a decade, attracting students, journalists, workers, professionals and academics. The idea of pride germinated from a ... Read More »

The Bhagirathi Tale

Tensing Rodrigues Filippe Nery Xavier recounts an interesting tale in Gabinete Literário das Fontainhas, Vol 3 (1848), p 57-58 and in Bosquejo Historico Das Comunidades Das Aldeias Dos Concelhos Das Ilhas, Salsete e Bardez, Vol 2 (1907), p 354-355. Once, hostility arose between the desai of Loutulim and Verna, two neighbouring villages in Salcete. The desai of Verna planned to ... Read More »

Deciphering a genius: Walter Isaacson’s new book on Leonardo da Vinci is a treat

Walter Isaacson tries to unlock the life and mind of Leonardo da Vinci, the Renaissance man, the creator of Mona Lisa’s elusive smile who mastered art and sciences Prerna Madan In the spring of 1452, a boy was born out of wedlock to a peasant near Florence. It was his “good luck” he wasn’t a legitimate child, because then he ... Read More »

Love at First Sight (and Hearing)

Luis Dias Television came to Goa in 1982 during the coverage of the Asiad games. And with it, the couch-potato syndrome, and perhaps the beginning of our own obesity epidemic. And the first wave of in-your-face commercialism and advertising. They say it pays to advertise. But sometimes what lingers after some advertisements is everything but the product. This has been ... Read More »