Thursday , 15 November 2018


Chahal explains how Kohli helped him improve his game

KHURRAM HABIB Leg-spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, after a great international season in which he emerged India’s match-winner, returns to the tournament that brought him to prominence – the Indian Premier League. He is taking it as seriously as he would any assignment with the Indian team. Chahal, 27, was the second highest wicket-taker in IPL 2016 and third best the preceding ... Read More »

Sereno bets on Luis Matos

His only goal for ATK was the equaliser in the ISL 2016 final which helped them regain the title in Kochi. However, Henrique Sereno Fonseca or simply Sereno, didn’t renew his association with Kolkata because “too much change is never good for football.” “When ATK approached me, I saw that every single (foreign) player had been changed. I felt it ... Read More »

Goans haven’t tasted the fury of nature

Nirmala Sawant for many will always be remembered as a Congress woman in Goa, but politics isn’t her greatest achievement; environment is. This fact is evident from her 21-year-struggle through the Mhadei Bachao Abhiyan which appealed to the Supreme Court and got a favourable order in 2017. She talks to NT NETWORK about her long struggle to save the waters ... Read More »

How vegan is your lipstick?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Is it possible to be vegan in a world totally dependent on useless things made from animals? I asked myself this question when handed a toothpick on an airline meal. To think that a living, breathing, magnificent tree, lord of the rain, home to thousands of other beings, has been chopped to gouge out waste from my ... Read More »


Ramachandra Guha I first began getting book parcels from overseas in the early 1980s. I was then doing a doctorate in Kolkata, and some of the books I needed for my research were unavailable in India. So I got an uncle in the United States to post them to me. In the late 1980s I began travelling abroad myself. On ... Read More »

More than just talk-shops

Frederick Noronha In the past few days, if I could exaggerate a little, it has been raining seminars. Not that I’m complaining. In fact, such events can play a crucial role boosting the intellectual life of a region, even if, admittedly, we need to do a lot to improve standards. When we were younger, I recall that there was a ... Read More »

Has Indian politics completely lost the art of harmless laughter?

Gopalkrishna Gandhi To write, speak or even think seriously on the subject of laughter has to be absurd. London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) held a seminar many moons ago on Raj Kapoor. I was working in that city at the time and attended it, out of sheer nostalgia for the great actor and, even more, for Nargis. ... Read More »

Who Was Siva?

Tensing Rodrigues Well, that’s a rather strange question; but it could be very relevant to our search for roots. Historically it is found that a people create their god in their own image and likeness. It does help us decipher and understand the ethnic and occupational characteristics of a people by knowing the god they worship. As we have seen ... Read More »

Romila Thapar on her new book, Indian Cultures as Heritage

Manjula Narayan   In the book’s introduction, you write: “Today when we speak of culture the objects and ideas may well be taken back to the ancient past, but our definition of culture is rooted in how culture was perceived in the nineteenth century…” Please elaborate.   Culture as a concept referred generally to the lifestyle of the elite and ... Read More »

Albert and ‘Lina’

Luis Dias The violin is not at the top of any list of ‘babe magnet’ options, but it does work for some. Nobel Prize Laureate theoretical physicist Albert Einstein’s wife Elsa (née Löwenthal) fell in love with him “because he played Mozart so beautifully on the violin.” If there’s one thing that leapt out at me from the extremely informative ... Read More »