Sunday , 26 May 2019


After long, it is time to say Viva Goa!

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Sixteen can be sweeter when the result is not as expected. This was the lesson learnt after India finished its engagements at the AFC U-16 tournament held in Kuala Lumpur recently. The sweetness will linger on for many years in Goa because Bibiano Fernandes had a great hand in steering the country to new heights of football. Goa ... Read More »

A politician’s health must be made public

Karan Thapar Do we, as citizens of a democracy, have the right to be fully informed of the health of those who govern us as well as the amount spent by the exchequer on their treatment? In any other democracy the answer would be an unequivocal yes. In India, unfortunately, we have equivocation. Even the media is in two minds. ... Read More »

Where have all the donkeys gone?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Every few years the Chinese fixate upon an animal and conclude that its parts will cure everything from acne to cancer. It doesn’t matter where the animal is; it could be the Totoaba, a fish found only in one Mexico lake which is almost totally decimated because the Chinese wanted its swim bladder. It could be a ... Read More »

Birthday wishes for Mahatma Gandhi

Ramachandra Guha Early next month the country and the world will mark the 149th birth anniversary of the Mahatma. Between then and the next October 2, Gandhi will be remembered and misremembered by many people, not least politicians seeking to whitewash their sins by associating their name with his. While we await the unfolding of Gandhi@150, let me share some ... Read More »

Aadhaar matters

Frederick Noronha One late morning, WhatsApp told me that I had been subscribed to a new group. WhatsNew? There are so many groups, started by so many people, often ending up directionless, which only waste everyone’s time by mostly sending out good-morning messages. Except that this group already had 83 or some such number of messages already queued up that ... Read More »

Urban justice

Patricia Pereira-Sethi Recently, lawmakers in the USA concurred that helping poor families escape disadvantaged neighbourhoods was one path to securing and enhancing the future of their children. Congress approved a housing program that would determine the most effective way to transfer low-income families to communities with better housing, better schools, better jobs and better transportation. It was the legislative response ... Read More »

The Antiquity of Konkana

If Coniaci is a reference to Konkan, then Strabo’s Geographica (1st century BC) would be the first historical text to mention Konkan. [Hamilton, 1857: The Geography of Strabo, Ch I, Bk. XV, 80] The next could possibly be that of Pliny (1st century CE). Pliny describes India in Chapter 23 of his encyclopedia titled Naturalis Historia: “After these we come ... Read More »

Religious privilege and prejudices

A story about Hindu privilege as much as it is about the ‘invisibilisation’ of Muslims in India, The Night of Happiness is a nuanced and taut work Avantika Mehta How much does the Hindu majority of India think about its privilege? How long before prejudices we considered beneath us bubble up to the surface? Who pays the price for our ... Read More »

That Slytherin chap!

Luis Dias Ask my nine-year old son “Who was Salazar?”, and he’ll probably be unstoppable in sharing all that he knows about the character Salazar Slytherin from J K Rowling’s runaway successful Harry Potter saga. The same question asked to an earlier generation, will evoke a different answer. To most of us adults, “Salazar” refers to the Portuguese dictator António ... Read More »

Mastering smartphone astrophotography

Kul Bhushan For those who love stargazing, a clear sky is nothing less than bliss. But have you ever picked up your phone and tried to photograph the stars? With no DSLR-like quality and high optical zoom capabilities, the results are usually far from satisfactory. The thing is: Taking night sky photographs is not as simple as capturing the landscape ... Read More »