Thursday , 15 November 2018


What the Mosul Killings teach us

Shashi Shekhar At the outset, here’s a disclaimer. These lines haven’t been written to favour or oppose any politician, person or organisation. These are an expression of the emotions evoked in an average Indian based on what he saw on TV. I felt tearful when I saw visuals of clothes and skeletal remains on TV. Thousands of kilometres away from ... Read More »

“From the minute a child is taught how to play an instrument, he’s no longer poor”: Maestro José António Abreu (1939-2018)

By Luis Dias Many years ago, soon after we had set up Child’s Play India Foundation (, a music charity inspired hugely by the phenomenal success of Venezuela’s El Sistema movement, a wealthy Bombay socialite engaged me in conversation about its founder, Venezuelan conductor, pianist, economist, educator, activist and politician José António Abreu. “He’s a Catholic priest, of course. Didn’t ... Read More »

Every state needs such great editors

Ramachandra Guha I never met Govind Talwalkar, but in the last decade-and-a-half of his long (and very distinguished) life I corresponded with him. This began with his writing to me about my biography of Verrier Elwin. He liked the book, but said I was mistaken in claiming that Elwin had a role in the making of the English edition of ... Read More »

Ignorant about ourselves

Frederick Noronha In the past week, I travelled with some young friends to quite a well-known ethnographical museum in Benaulim. While proposing the trip, I half expected them to say they had already been there. Surprise of surprises, almost all showed no signs of recognition. They had not even heard of this small, privately-run yet very informative institution. Artist and ... Read More »

Vidyadhara and Kirata

Tensing Rodrigues “There was the lord of the vidyadhara, Jimutavahana by name, a good son of Jimutaketu, who sacrificed his life to Garuda. From him was descended the Shilahara family, the best among the royal families of Simhala.” Thus read the verses 11 and 12 of the Kharepatana plates of 1008 CE. [Mirashi, 1977: Corpus Inscriptionum Indicarum, Vol 6, 191] ... Read More »

If you did it for Zico, do it for yourselves now

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Three years back Romeo Fernandes was selected by Dempo SC for what could have been a path breaking step for football in India. He was picked up to be trained and later play for Brazilian club Atletico Paranaense and thereafter move freely in the football world. Things did not happen as planned and Romeo preferred to return citing ... Read More »

Kurade Launches Portobello Mushrooms

Nandkumar Kamat Commercially cultivated edible mushrooms are probiotic health foods of the 21st century. Mushrooms lower bad cholesterol, control blood sugar, prevent cancers, tumors and viral infections. Goans addicted to consumption of uncultivable and endangered wild, seasonal termite hill mushrooms – Termitomyces species – would find the newly introduced large, brown Portobello mushrooms a better substitute to the wild ‘Roen ... Read More »

OnePlus 6 is also going to look like iPhone X

Kul Bhushan New Android phones are going to look like Apple’s iPhone X in the future. Already, the likes of Asus, Oppo and Vivo have launched phones with iPhone X-style notch displays. And now, OnePlus is joining the bandwagon with its new OnePlus 6, which is expected to launch very soon. OnePlus’ founder Carl Pei told The Verge that the ... Read More »

In Varanasi’s bylanes, a surprise: A thriving Korean culture

Madhusree Ghosh There’s a Little Korea in the gullies of Varanasi. Walk through this timeless city and you will see, foreign tourists sipping blueberry lassis and the vegetable vendor arguing loudly beside a music shop where someone is playing the sitar, suddenly an oasis of calm in the form of a Korean café. Dimmed lighting, soothing music, low seating arrangements ... Read More »

India and Pakistan must stop being petty

Karan Thapar There are times when India and Pakistan seem to behave like children intent upon quarrelling with each other. Rarely is this more so than when their diplomats indulge in their frequent bouts of point-scoring and tit for tat. We seem to be going through that once again. To be honest, it’s irrelevant to question who started it. That’s ... Read More »