Thursday , 17 January 2019


Safeguarding future of Konkani

The Census of India recently released data about population divided by mother tongue as reflected in Census of 2011. Let us take a deeper look at the figures for Goa Please like & share: Read More »

Another chance at Life

Finding a way to make a difference is what drove many of the founders to set up these outfits across India. Please like & share: Read More »

Two wrongs don’t make a right

When we discuss the Gujarat killings of 2002 we tend to bring up the Sikh slaughter of 1984. What we forget is you can criticise the BJP without simultaneously striking at Congress. You can discuss the sins of today without recalling those of the past Please like & share: Read More »

Flies and their love for humans

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi   I checked into an ayurvedic centre in Haryana for a week. Clean, spartan and strict, it was the ideal place for me…. except for the flies. I was covered with oil or mud for the better part of the day and showered three times but it seemed to me that I had become a target for ... Read More »

Democracies such as India need more anarchy

Mark Tully   John Kenneth Galbraith, the renowned economist who was a much-loved American ambassador to India, described this country as a functioning anarchy. Most people would say any more anarchy could render India non-functional. But talking to an anarchist, Cairn Ross, has left me wondering whether not just India but many other democracies might need more anarchy. Please like ... Read More »

Trials for the Church

Frederick Noronha   In the past fortnight, one of the stories making news has been the issue of alleged sexual abuse within the Church. The issue came up mainly from Kerala, but this does not mean that other places are immune from such concerns. In today’s hyper-sexualised world, it is unrealistic to believe that men or women of religion (whichever ... Read More »

Behave responsibly on social media

Shashi Shekhar   ‘The government can’t make people love me, but it can keep them from lynching me.’ While vacationing in Europe’s verdant valleys, one of my friends was reminded of these words by Martin Luther King Junior. Please like & share: Read More »

The Double Headed Eagle

‘After Sarabha (Siva) grabbed hold of Narasimha (Visnu), the latter in his fury created a two-headed bird called Gandabherunda which defeated Sarabha.’ That is how more or less the story of the fight between Siva and Visnu ends in Satarudra Samhita of the Siva Purana. [Shastri, 2002: The Siva Purana, 1111] Please like & share: Read More »

Blessings from Beijing

Greg Bruno, who has travelled through Tibetan communities across the world, expresses both fear and hope about the future of Tibet Please like & share: Read More »