Tuesday , 25 September 2018


We’re not all Hindus, but we’re all Indians

Karan Thapar The argument that we’re all Hindus because once upon a time Hinduism was the original and only religion of the subcontinent doesn’t cut much ice with me. If you really want to dig back in time and find a common feature that unites all of us, the truth is before everything else we were all monkeys, chimpanzees, orangutans ... Read More »

Disconnect between society and politics in the Northeast is dangerous for democracy

Shashi Shekhar The brand of politics being practised these days has begun to alienate the people from the democratic process. A good example of this is the just-concluded elections in the three Northeastern states. Here, I will desist from analysing the victory or loss of any particular party or leader and, instead, focus on analysing the tendencies that have nurtured ... Read More »

Nubia N3 launched in India

Prajyot Mainkar ZTE’s Nubia brand has launched the N3 smartphone that features 6.01-inch full-HD+ 2.5D curved glass display with a resolution of 2160 pixels x 1080 pixels. It comes with a metal finish and fingerprint sensor support on the back. The phone has 2GHz Octa-Core Snapdragon 625 Mobile platform with Adreno 506 GPU. It has 4GB RAM and 64GB that ... Read More »

Always choose organic farming

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Organic farming for me is as important as animal welfare. Both save thousands of species and make the world a better place for humans. When I became minister for Women and Children, we started a new project: an annual Mela in Delhi Haat, for 15 days, where 300 women organic farmers from all over India sell their ... Read More »

Gender hues

Frederick Noronha Over the past weekend, a cartoonist friend wrote on her Facebook status: “A day for women!! A DAY! Thank you very much, mighty kind of you, sir!” The sarcasm is not lost. Another link took us to an article put out by the British newspaper The Guardian, which spoke of “the gender war of household chores”. It showed ... Read More »

A wrong sense of honour: The disturbing glorification of jauhar in Padmini’s Chittorgarh

The release of Padmaavat has led to a renewed idealisation of jauhar in Chittorgarh. Historians, women’s rights activists call out the dangers of its glorification in today’s world Poulomi Banerjee A young girl dressed in a black track suit greets Narpat Singh Bhati with a “Jai jauhar” (hail jauhar) and bends to touch his feet, as he sits comfortably in ... Read More »

Anushka Sharma, army families are human too

KARAN THAPAR We’re all patriots, but as an army officer’s son, I want to add that in a self-respecting, confident democracy, our armed forces have no special claim to be loved. That’s entirely a matter of individual preference. Love of the army is not a superior sentiment to any affection you may feel for nurses and doctors, pujaris or maulvis, ... Read More »

Poultry farming and water woes

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi If you were an alien that dropped in on the planet and you heard that most people on the planet had access to less than a bucket of water a day, because other people used ridiculous amounts of water to grow, feed, clean and kill animals so that they could eat them – when they didn’t need ... Read More »

Lending a Goan voice

Frederick Noronha It has been said that the people of Goa have written in as many as 13 languages. That comment probably came from Peter Nazareth, the writer (of Goan ancestry, but he’s also very proud of his African roots) whose pioneering 1983 anthology first showed the English-speaking world that Goan writing was indeed a sustainable and significant category in ... Read More »

Making of a heartless nation

Shashi Shekhar Not just Delhi, it would appear that the entire country has become heartless. I am writing these lines with mixed emotions of sadness, anger and shame. It seems that the Indian civilisation has put its good qualities on the back-burner and joined the blind race for economic progress which is meaningless without the safety of its citizens. If ... Read More »