Friday , 18 January 2019


A flight into the wild west

Tensing Rodrigues Ignacio Arcamone was a young Jesuit priest posted to Goa around 1651. A master of vernacular languages and a patient negotiator, Arcamone soon found himself alternating between saving souls and bargaining for chilies with the chieftains of Canara. But perhaps his greatest gift to the posterity is his detailed report to his superiors in Rome about the history ... Read More »

Nayak – The Hero The Satyajit Ray film novelized by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

Revati Laul A superstar from the movies gets on a train and sees his life unravel. The Satyajit Ray classic made in 1966, starring Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore is a psychological drama with all the characteristics of a Ray masterpiece. Tucked away into the folds of the story are some searing and very funny observations of Bengali society in ... Read More »

“Behind every successful man….”

Luis Dias A recent soprano-and harp concert on 19 July 2018 at Menezes Braganza showcased, as the performers titled it, ‘A Musical Marriage’, the compositional output of a husband and wife. Many of us will have heard of the husband-and-wife composer pair Robert and Clara Schumann;equally many will know of the Italian operatic composer Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868), probably one of ... Read More »

Vivo Nex: A smartphone from the future

Kul Bhushan Fans have been divided over the implementation of notch on modern phones. Some like it and some don’t. Well, the notch, a cutout on top of the display, is more of a compromise if you want a phone with larger screens and don’t want the overall form factor to be like a tablet. But is the notch the ... Read More »

Huawei launches Nova 3 and Nova 3i In India

Prajyot Mainkar Huawei has launched Huawei Nova 3, the company’s latest smartphone in Nova series in India. This phone comes with a 6.3-inch full HD+ 3D curved glass display featuring a screen resolution of 2340 pixels x 1080 pixels, and runs on Octa-core Huawei Kirin 970 processor with Mali-G72 MP12 GPU. The device has face unlocking that works fine even ... Read More »

Liquid water on Mars and what this means

Dr. Nandkumar M. Kamat An Italian team led by R. Orosei and 21 scientists as co-authors claimed to have detected liquid water 1500 meters below the south pole of Mars. Their paper published in SCIENCE claims that “the presence of liquid water at the base of the martian polar caps has long been suspected but not observed”. They surveyed the ... Read More »

Professional clubs were started by people with big hearts for football

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Football was discussed in the Goa legislative Assembly after quite a while and it was nice to know that  a few Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA’s) participated on the discussion for government grants to professional clubs. Running a professional football club has always been an expensive exercise – one realized by few. However, what had one thinking ... Read More »

Politics, culture and social reality: The era of Shivaji Maharaj

Did the Maratha king Shivaji want to build a ‘nationalist Hindu state’ as his Hindavi kingdom? Or was his world a melting pot of different cultural influences? Manu S Pillai In 1630 when the Maratha noblewoman Jijabai brought forth the second of her two sons, little did she imagine that the boy would grow up to shatter forever the might ... Read More »

A four-leaf clover is news, a rose is not

Karan Thapar In the 1980s, when I started out in journalism, there was a simple but appealing question that held most of us in thrall ‘Why are the millions of good things that routinely happen every day never considered newsworthy?’ Perhaps the most famous expression of this query was by Prince Charles. Tens of thousands of planes take off and ... Read More »

The benefit of panchagavya on animals

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi In an earlier article I talked about the miraculous effects of Panchgavya on crops. K Natarajan, who has written the book after years of experimenting with it, has also written a chapter on its effects on animals. After the studies on plants, his team started on animals and humans. For those who did not read the previous ... Read More »