Wednesday , 23 January 2019


What would Jesus do?

Luis Dias How many of you remember the WWJD fad back in the 1990s? I certainly remember meeting a young American visitor and asking her what those letters on her bracelet meant. It stands for “What Would Jesus Do?” The slogan was coined by some adherents of Christianity “as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act ... Read More »

Huawei stands second as worldwide smartphone vendor

Prajyot Mainkar According to research data from the International Data Corporation (IDC), smartphone vendors have clocked a total shipment of 342 million units in Q2 2018. Huawei has overtaken Apple to be the second biggest smartphone vendor worldwide, with Samsung topping the table. Samsung has 71.5 million 2Q 18 shipments with a market share of 20.9 per cent. There is ... Read More »

Termite destruction may free viruses

Nandkumar Kamat In the January 2014 issue of  the ‘Smithsonian Magazine’, Paul Bisceglio introduced Helen Esser, a fellow at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama City, who chose to survey bloodsuckers. Paul informed that “she spent three months on the Panama Canal, dragging cotton cloths across forest floors to collect 20,000 ticks. After dropping them into alcohol-filled jars, she ... Read More »

All that glitters is not gold

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Football in Goa was in bedlam. The origin can be traced to the elections of the Goa Football Association (GFA) Executive Committee. Along the way, people staying in glass houses appeared to be hurling the biggest stones. GFA took centre stage, for the wrong reasons, when the issue of the Bandodkar Gold Trophy was debated in the Legislative ... Read More »

Historic ties and designer takes on basketball in Paris

France may have won the World Cup and be a football-obsessed nation, but it’s the U.S. game of basketball that has some surprisingly old roots and expanding niches in Paris. The world’s oldest still-in-use basketball court is tucked away on a quiet street in the heart of the city’s 9th arrondissement, not far from the Folies Bergere cabaret hall. Built ... Read More »

Goa grappling for ‘nustem’

Fish-curry-rice, fish thali, masala fried or rava fried fish – the lives of most Goans revolves around these. It defines our culture and is integral to our existence as it is our staple food. The formalin-laced fish scare resulted in banning of imported fish. And this has troubled the common people who have enjoyed their fish for decades now and ... Read More »

We, too, are at fault for lynching deaths

Karan Thapar It’s easy to blame WhatsApp for the spate of lynchings that have occurred across the country. Some in the government do and, perhaps, several outside it. But WhatsApp is only the messenger. To hold it responsible is like blaming a postman for bad news. This is not just irrational, it’s immature. However, with perhaps as many as 34 ... Read More »

How safe is your milk?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Imagine a new human mother who has a viral infection. Would any doctor allow her own baby to drink her milk? Of course not. When you drink milk, have you ever thought of the health of the cow that this milk came from? According to veterinary studies, one of the most common diseases that cattle have is ... Read More »

It takes a village to grow a tree

Frederick Noronha It’s that time of the year when my mind gets caught up with avocados. Sorry, I can’t help it. There’s this one tree outside my home that gets quite laden with fruits in the month of June-July, and so it quite takes over my life at this time of the year. This is a job one has to ... Read More »

All hope is pinned on the judiciary

Shashi Shekhar Last week, the Supreme Court berated politicians saying that they cannot leave the dispensation of justice to the mob and bring in a new legislation to control mob lynchings and deal strictly with such offences. Little did the honourable bench realise that hundreds of kilometres away, in a nondescript Jharkhand town called Pakur, a different script was being ... Read More »