Monday , 24 September 2018


work has given Dattu Baban Bhokanal his just rewards

From digging wells to selling onions to working in a petrol pump to representing India at the Rio Olympics while his mother was in a coma, India’s rowing star Dattu Baban Bhokanal has overcome every obstacle in life before winning the gold medal as part of India’s quadruple scull team at the recently-concluded Asian Games in Jakarta, Indonesia. Hailing from ... Read More »

Daily life of a cyclist in Delhi

Manoj Sharma Two years have rolled by since Anil Shukla, a roadside vendor in Connaught Place, got a stinging slap across his face from a car driver at the ITO crossing as he was cycling home. But he has yet to forget the humiliation. The time was close to 10 p.m., and Shukla had been headed home after a hard ... Read More »

In language, it’s best to play by the rules

Karan Thapar Have you ever considered how much of our lives are determined by rules? I don’t mean the rule of law. I’m talking of the more subtle ones that influence how we speak as well as those that we instinctively sense even if we haven’t always properly defined. I spent last week pondering this and it’s been quite delightful. ... Read More »

Mind your meat

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Is someone known to you going “crazy”? Suspicious, swings from being extremely happy to morose, hyperactive, insomniac, angry without reason? Check to see how much meat he is eating, especially pre-packaged or restaurant meat, like ham, sausages, hot dogs, dried beef or turkey jerky, salami. Cohort studies follow groups of individuals over time to investigate the causes ... Read More »

Happy running !

RAJAT CHAUHAN Runners come across as strong people by those who don’t know them when they actually are busy fighting their own battles. Then would come along an article how running helps to beat depression. Narayanan Muthuswamy, a fellow runner, has an interesting insight. “To say one should run to beat depression is akin to using a sledgehammer for a ... Read More »

Plastic pile-up

What was life like before plastic was invented and how did it become so much a part of our lives? Little by little, ever since it was invented, this man-made ‘wonder’ has found its way into most of the things around us. We look back at the pre-plastic era and draws up a timeline of our growing dependency on plastic ... Read More »

A selfie, please: Who are you, by the way?

Karan Thapar Who doesn’t like a little public recognition or to be the centre of attention? I certainly do. To be honest, it makes my old heart smile! But there can also be occasions when it can embarrassingly backfire. When that happens, you just don’t know what to do. This was my predicament last month in Jaipur. I was a ... Read More »

Saving the seahorses

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi When I was young, India was flooded with comic books of Archie, Superman and War. The two central pages and the back advertised things for sale in America: party treats, Halloween costumes. The maximum space though was given to advertising seahorses for aquaria. For one dollar you could get six seahorses who were “magical”. Millions of seahorses ... Read More »

Making lab rats of police officers

Barkha Dutt The abrupt, overnight transfer of SP Vaid, the (former) Director General of Police of Jammu and Kashmir, has raised more concerns about who exactly is at the steering wheel in a critical conflict zone, and what they are playing at. This is not about the merits of individual men or women or intended to show any disrespect to ... Read More »

Links that can connect

Frederick Noronha Every once in a while, someone will send you a mail, SMS or message, repeating that very same question: do you know so-and-so’s phone number or email address? It’s understandable that someone will need some help at some time or the other. But when this becomes a routine feature, it turns irritating. Blame it on the BSNL, which ... Read More »