Tuesday , 21 May 2019


Soon, world’s first clean foie gras

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Years ago, I asked a stylish, older, film actress from Mumbai whether she would be the ambassador of my animal welfare organisation People for Animals. I had been to her house twice for dinner, and she had made the most amazing vegetarian food, and kept grumbling about how awful meat was. She refused, and her explanation was ... Read More »

Different strokes for different folks

Karan Thapar If, as most polls suggest, Narendra Modi is likely to return as prime minister albeit weakened by the loss of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP’s) majority, it’s time we took seriously some of his party’s manifesto commitments. The ones I want to focus on concern Kashmir. It is, undeniably, one of the most serious challenges awaiting the next ... Read More »

The mad, murderous origins of the Oxford English Dictionary

Arnav Das Sharma It took roughly 70 years for the first edition of the Oxford Dictionary to be assembled, and those years saw the meeting of two men who, on the face of it, looked quite similar, but had lived vastly different lives. The story of these two men — James Murray and Dr William Chester Minor — are intertwined ... Read More »

The dark world of India’s horror writers

Danish Raza L ast year, 73-year-old Parshuram Sharma, who runs a music institute in Meerut, was fixing the strings of his guitar when Anadi Shubhanand, author and owner of Mumbai-based publishing house, Sooraj Pocket Books, sent him a friend request on Facebook. They exchanged mobile numbers. Over the phone call that followed, Shubhanand asked Sharma how much time he would ... Read More »

Just clowning around

Natasha Rego | Hindustan Times   Sukhmani Kohli says she always struggled to fit in. At the age of 18, she met a clown at a workshop in Chandigarh. “The moment I put on that red nose, it gave me the licence to be anyone I wanted to be,” she says. Read More »

Meet the desi dogs finding favour

As demand for indigenous breeds grows among pet owners, prices are rising too. Here’s a look at the breeds that are winning dog shows and now finding takers across India Read More »

Turning a blind eye

Karan Thapar   The Election Commission (EC) has come in for extensive criticism. It’s been accused of either not responding promptly to breaches of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) or of not doing so adequately. Some believe it has noticeably slipped from the acme established by former chief election commissioner TN Seshan in the 1990s. What I find particularly ... Read More »

Sri Lanka attacks: A message for India

BRAHMA CHELLANEY   The Sri Lanka bombings – one of the world’s deadliest acts of terrorism – highlight the growing terrorist threat to democratic, secular states. Read More »

The revival of maggot therapy

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi   As more and more people become antibiotics-resistant, their survival chances, if they have chronic wounds, decrease. Surgeons have now gone back to a thousand year old technique of healing called maggot therapy or biosurgery. Here, live, germ-free maggots are introduced into non-healing skin and soft tissue wounds in order to clean out the dead skin and ... Read More »

Still the same

Ramachandra Guha   I was recently in the archives in New Delhi, where I came across an intriguing report on the first General Elections, held in 1951-52. It was written by Kamalnayan Bajaj, whose father, Read More »