Monday , 22 April 2019


ISRO ignores Goa as research centre

Nandkumar Kamat Why does India’s wealthiest, most literate, most urbanised, technologically advanced state Goa miss the bus when the central government declares some major regional initiatives? More than 100 Goan NRIs are working abroad in different areas of space research. Several are employed at NASA. There are Goan oceanographers like Joaquim Goes and Helga Gomes abroad who make effective use ... Read More »

Change is not a journey, it is a process

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES The third round of the Goa Football Association (GFA) Professional League is coming to an end and forty four goals have already been scored. At the time of writing, fourteen games have been held and Dempo Sports Club is on top having scored fourteen goals – seven more than their closest rivals Churchill Brothers. The league has not ... Read More »

Leadership lessons from sex workers

Karan Thapar Can sex workers be intelligently, seriously and usefully compared to business leaders and, when they are, might they come out better? An analysis along these lines is one of the more interesting parts of a book due to be released next month. I was sent a preview copy and found it fascinating. Called A Stranger Truth, it’s by ... Read More »

Why fish pedicures can do you more harm

Maneka Gandhi A few months ago, a young woman went to her doctor in New York. Her toenails had gradually blackened over six months and fallen off. No one in her family had abnormal toenails and she had no diseases, no injuries, nor a family history of nail disorders. During the tests it was discovered that she had had a ... Read More »

Resigning gracefully for redemption

Gopalkrishna Gandhi Retirements are rehearsals for death. You relinquish, surrender, withdraw, accept termination as inescapable, ordained. Resignations, however, are more extreme. They are not rehearsals, but the genuine article itself. Especially, when they are not willed, when they are demanded, forced upon the person resigning by incontrovertible truths or by irresistible opinion, with the two combining. In fact, resignations are ... Read More »

Pushed off the land

Frederick Noronha Goans who complain that they’re being pushed off their land, are often told in return: “But you are the ones selling it.” This sounds like a convincing argument until you look at the hidden reality of this logic. Behind the obvious situation, there are many pressures which come along and sometimes even make life impossible. Trying to understand ... Read More »

Zero-Sum Game?

Patricia Pereira-Sethi Jeff Bezos of Amazon was recently named the richest man in modern history with reports that he is worth $150 billion. Concurrently, he was soundly criticised for not indulging in philanthropy to the same degree as many other billionaires: he is the only American in Bloomberg’s ranking of the world’s top five richest people who has not joined ... Read More »

The Writing on The Rock

There seems to be a strange coincidence between the sites where evidence of pre-historic human habitation has been found in Goa and the core areas of habitation of the kumlbi (kullmbi or kunnbi); by core I mean where this primeval community is still found in its natural habitat. The two known sites of primitive rock engravings in Goa are Panasaimol ... Read More »

Grim reality of India

Avantika Mehta The day Gauri Lankesh was assassinated was the first time I heard of her. A child when she reported for Times of India, I did not mourn her individual death. Instead it felt like the death of an idea, or ideals. How did India become so debased that its citizens are gunned down for disagreeing with the majority? ... Read More »

Nowhere’s child

A year after the Sherin Mathews case, are Indian adoptees in foreign countries any safer? We find out that inter-country adoption is still a work in progress Danish Raza| Hindustan Times In January 2018, a 13-year-old girl got a new identity, and was looking at a future very different from what life would have been like in India. But six ... Read More »