Friday , 21 September 2018


India and Pakistan must stop being petty

Karan Thapar There are times when India and Pakistan seem to behave like children intent upon quarrelling with each other. Rarely is this more so than when their diplomats indulge in their frequent bouts of point-scoring and tit for tat. We seem to be going through that once again. To be honest, it’s irrelevant to question who started it. That’s ... Read More »

Furry truths and lies

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Last year I visited the home of a Jain leader in Nagpur. Along the way I was told how religious his family was, how they all ate before sunset and no root vegetables. Upon entering the main living room, I was shocked as the huge rug I stepped on was essentially patches of horse-skin sewn together. Young ... Read More »

Remembering ‘GP’, a Man Of Many Parts

Gopalkrishna Gandhi Gopalaswami Parthasarathi’s is not a name that the present generation will recognise. It was a name that mine – now gone, mostly, or surviving in its 70s, 80s or fluking into its 90s – knew as one “to conjure with”. In the world of public affairs, that is. More specifically, in that of diplomacy, of policy-making and policy ... Read More »

Manipulating thoughts and more…

Frederick Noronha In the past week, my techie friends online, whose work and motivation I often admire, shared some links that made me sit up rather late at night. From the Netherlands, from Bengaluru, and from concerned citizens of varied hues, came pointers to a virtually unnoticed firm called Cambridge Analytica, and the hidden ways in which it was shaping ... Read More »

Illiberal Democracy: A Disquieting Disposition

Patricia Pereira-Sethi Across the globe, we are witnessing the rise and spread of a disturbing trend on the international scene: illiberal democracy, a concept coined in the late 90s by pundit Fareed Zakaria. Democratically elected regimes appear to be routinely ignoring constitutional constraints on their power and depriving their citizens of fundamental rights and freedoms. In the past, democracy implied ... Read More »

From Kailasa to Kathiyavada

Tensing Rodrigues Certainly there is more to Siva than the obvious. He was the god of the kirata, “the wild non-Aryan tribes living in the mountains, particularly the Himalayas and in the north-eastern areas of India, who were Mongoloid in origin”. [Chatterji, 1998: Kirata-Jana-Krti, 26], who lived in the ‘mountainous belt of the Himalayan domain from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh ... Read More »

French philosopher’s lessons for our times

In the speeches and writings that make Create Dangerously, Albert Camus deals with the responsibility and the right of artists to their opinion against the backdrop of changing social and political dynamics and pressure Indo Asian News Service Globalisation’s retreat and the consequent rise of a rather hyper form of nationalism – which even seeks to confine indivisible human endeavours ... Read More »

‘Beyond the Night Sky’: Music for Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

Luis Dias The death of English theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author and Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology, University of Cambridge, professor Stephen Hawking on 14 March shook the world. Last year, to celebrate his 75th birthday, his Cambridge college – Gonville& Caius – commissioned composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad to write a new piece of music in his honour. ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S9: Best an Android smartphone can offer

Samsung Galaxy S9+ retains the same design language but offers improvements and upgrades underneath. Read our detailed review to find out more. Kul Bhushan Samsung took a major leap last year with the launch of the Galaxy S8 series as it introduced a new design and look for the company’s Galaxy S series. The same was seen with Apple’s iPhone ... Read More »

Panaji- a pioneer Asian city in science and medicine

Nandkumar Kamat Panaji completed 175 years of its elevation as a capital city on March 22. There are many facets of this city which would interest any student of global and colonial urbanism. What has not been adequately noted, studied, discussed and researched is Panaji’s pioneer status in 19th and early 20th centuries in whole of Asia as a ‘happening ... Read More »