Friday , 26 April 2019


Dad’s day out

Frederick Noronha As a one-time supporter of feminism, these days my feelings are rather mixed. One finds that it’s the more extreme voices of feminism which dominate. The issue tends to often get overstated. There can be a mix between politics and ‘feminism’. At times, it also seems like two powerful sets of men settling their own scores and using ... Read More »

Despite series win against Windies, there are points to ponder ahead of World Cup

AYAZ MEMON Chief coach Ravi Shastri’s smile stretched from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram after India had clinched the ODI series, but if a stethoscope had been put to his chest (and I dare say skipper Virat Kohli’s too) on the eve of the fourth match, their heartbeats would have suggested distinct alarm and distress. The five-match rubber then was deadlocked. The ... Read More »

Towards A New Sustainable Diwali

Nandkumar Kamat Diwali is celebration of enlightenment and knowledge. Diwali is also communion with the energy in the universe – a tribute to light, the photons. Diwali is celebration of our Milky Way galaxy which is at its brightest on the moonless Diwali night. Diwali is remembrance of human discovery of fire during the remote Stone Age which made our ... Read More »

Remembering Fr Bismarque

Luis Dias Three years have lapsed since the brutal murder of Fr José Bismarque Desidorio Dias. His killers are still at large. The judicial process has so far not delivered justice by apprehending any of them, but one cannot help making the observation that one by one, those who stood to gain from having him out of the political and ... Read More »

Perfect companion for OnePlus 6T

OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets earphones will be available in India from November 1. The latest earphones are priced at `1,490. Kul Bhushan   Brand:  OnePlus Product: OnePlus USB Type-C Bullets Key specs: Support 96KHz/24Bit HD audio, Coil: Copper-clad aluminum, Wire Core: Enamelled copper wire, Diaphragm: Aryphan Polyarylate, <1 per cent (1000Hz, 1mW) Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), 20 – 20,000 Hz Frequency ... Read More »

Devache Gotthanne and other Petroglyphs

Tensing Rodrigues Among the rock art sites discovered on the Maharashtra coast up to now, perhaps the one closest to Goa is Virdi in the Dodamarg taluka of Sindhudurg district; it is just across the border of Goa on the banks of Valvanti river, a tributary of Mhaday. It has line drawings of a pig, a giraffe like animal locally ... Read More »

A dreadful blot on CBI’s reputation

Shashi Shekhar At one time, the Supreme Court (SC) had mocked the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), calling it a caged parrot. Who would have thought that the voices of those clashing with each other in this cage anointed by the apex court would become so powerful that the protagonists would themselves turn into a spectacle? The unfolding of events ... Read More »

A peek into the RSS

Ranjona Banerji This is an updated version of a “study” of the RSS published in 1987. The content has been updated to take the last 30 years into account, including the rise of Narendra Modi as prime minister as well as recent events up to 2018. If you are completely ignorant about what the Nagpur-based Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh stands for ... Read More »

Top competition cannot be a testing ground

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES One blistering defeat is not the end of a challenge or the beginning of the end, at least in football, and FC Goa’s loss against Jamshedpur FC should not be worrying. A high has its low and every team is set to have its good time and bad. What was good for Jamshedpur was bad for FC Goa. ... Read More »

A look at Goa’s turbulent past

VARSHA KAMAT Governor generals and their deeds Some of the men Salazar sent to Goa as administrators were equally duplicitous. Dr Jose Silvestre Ferreira Bossa, the Governor General was a great enemy of the nationalists in Goa. Goa’s famous poet Bakibab Borkar once addressed a poem to him questioning his policies. Another Governor General, Paulo Benard Guedes was embarrassed by ... Read More »