Thursday , 24 January 2019


Learn astrobiology at Goa University

Nandkumar Kamat My generation grew up with NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) which is celebrating 60 years of its foundation and witnessed revolutionary discoveries. One question which fascinated my generation was whether we are the only intelligent civilisation in this whole universe or there could be several? Is organic life an unique phenomena on Earth? Noted astronomer Carl Sagan ... Read More »

Sewing new life into zardozi

Pokemon, Eiffel tower, burgers; the traditional gold-thread embroidery has gone pop. New motifs are being used on scarves, jackets and ties, and finding takers around the world Lavina Mulchandani Helicopters etched in gold on denim jackets, kitschy autorickshaws on shawls, an Eiffel tower in copper on a pair of jeans — zardozi is changing its world view. The word zardozi ... Read More »

For Mallya, good times in a cell with a view

Karan Thapar I’ve never known Pertie to get so excited. Normally, he’s a placid, laid-back sort of chap. Even when the waiter at the Gymkhana Club poured chicken curry into his lap all he could bring himself to say was a gentle ‘Steady on, old chap’. Jeeves would have been proud of him. But this occasion was very different. “Do ... Read More »

Dealing with that cat smell

MANEKA GANDHI Recently, someone wrote to me from Mumbai saying they lived next to a person who kept cats in his flat. They complained about the smell. I sent a team to the gentleman’s flat, thinking that he was one of those people who piles on animals because he is mentally unsound and starves them to death while being a ... Read More »

The three who took on the Congress

Ramachandra Guha Three individuals passed away this month. All were politicians, although they belonged to three different parties. And to three different regions of India as well. One was a Hindi speaker, a second a Tamil, the third a Bengali. Two had successful careers outside politics; one as a writer, another as a barrister. One practised nepotism occasionally, a second ... Read More »

Goa’s misunderstood, unwanted prodigal sons and daughters

Frederick Noronha In past decades, we could forget about Goa’s out-of-sight (except for holidays) diaspora population and pretend they didn’t exist. In more recent times, cyberspace brings their issues home rather regularly. We learn about the court cases they face in the Gulf (for multiple fraud) or the UK (for falling for a paedophilia bait). Or their achievements which go ... Read More »

Conservation can reverse the decay in India’s cities

Mark Tully Having lived for more than 40 years in the South Delhi colony of Nizamuddin I feel great pride in the conservation of Humayun’s Tomb and its surroundings by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) in collaboration with the Archaeological Survey of India, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and the Central Public Works Department. I take great pleasure ... Read More »

Where did Parsurama’s arrow fall ?

Tensing Rodrigues We have traditionally believed that it fell in Banavali in Salcete, Goa. And that the name of that village has been derived from that incident. You may shrug this off as a mere myth. Well a myth it is. But my intent today is far more than casting it aside as a myth. Banavaliis an ancient town in ... Read More »

Of the past and present

Avantika Mehta Amitabha Bagchi’s latest novel is a thoroughly Indian story. The two threads that run through this tale include the letters from a narcissistic author to his loved ones that details life in India in the 1970s and 80s, and the lives of the members of two north Indian families, of differing class and caste backgrounds, intertwined since post-1857. ... Read More »

Grave matters

Luis Dias A relative from Mumbai had once recounted this to me: her father had passed away suddenly and tragically, in the prime of his own life, while the children were extremely young. They grew up with a close bond to their parish church and members of the church youth group, and the parish priest knew the whole family extremely ... Read More »