Wednesday , 24 April 2019


Fun is allowing the best to enjoy

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Many, many years ago, the Rovers Cup was a tournament in Bombay – now Mumbai – eagerly awaited by many of us in Goa. Getting there, to cheer a team from Goa was adrenalin rushes a few of us got to experience, and those who did, have it sketched for life. Please like & share: Read More »

Ten reasons to celebrate Indian Premier League

AMRIT MATHUR With top players bought like commodities (onions or art, depending on one’s viewpoint) the IPL auction is a compelling theatre. Yet, for all the hype and hullabaloo, it is only a temporary sideshow where cricket is trumped by cash. Please like & share: Read More »

Is the path set for a HIV free world?

December is a month dedicated to the fight against HIV and AIDS. NT NETWORK gives its readers a glimpse of the battle and how equipped we are to a world free from the virus Janice Savina Rodrigues| NT Network The sustainable development goals set by the UN aimed at ending HIV AIDS by 2030. On the World Aids Day’s 30th ... Read More »

Why Britain will stay in the European Union

Karan Thapar I’m going to do something this morning I’ve rarely done before. I’m going to stick my neck out and make a prediction. Of course, I might end up horribly wrong but my instinct tells me I could turn out to be right. Even though the European Union has endorsed Britain’s divorce terms, I don’t believe Brexit is going ... Read More »

Are earthquakes caused by genocide of animals?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Dr Madan Mohan Bajaj is not an animal welfare activist. He doesn’t try to stop cruelty, nor does he protest or go to court. He is the Director General of International Scientific Research and Welfare Organisation, and Chief of the Medical Physics, Immunophysics, Nuclear Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory of the Department of Physics and Astrophysics ... Read More »

Verghese Kurien, a deep appreciation

Ramachandra Guha In February 2013, Narendra Modi, then chief minister of Gujarat, gave a speech at Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) in New Delhi. He spoke at length of Gujarat’s achievements in the dairy sector. He said that his state supplied milk and milk products to Delhi and to Singapore as well. Listening to Modi’s SRCC speech, I was ... Read More »

Hype… and the book

Frederick Noronha On the weekend just over, our state played host to another Goa Arts and Literature Festival at the International Centre Goa at Dona Paula. At one level, a lit fest is a fine occasion, a chance to meet up with big names, plus the opportunity of listening to interesting speakers. Best of all, there is no charge to ... Read More »

A spontaneous outpouring of agony

Gopalkrishna Gandhi He will not like my saying this, in fact, will strongly disapprove of my even trying to say it, and, given half a chance, will intervene and stop me from saying it. But I have to say it. Palagummi Sainath has done what no one else could have, no one else tried to, no one else dared to ... Read More »

The Acheulian Evidence

Tensing Rodrigues Now that we have framed our search for our ancestors in the context of the three relevant timelines – timeline of human evolution (Homo erectus – Homo heidelbergensis – Homo sapiens), the archaeological timeline (Paleolithic – Mesolithic – Neolithic) and the geological timeline (Pleistocene – Holocene), we know where to look for our distant roots. However, there is ... Read More »

Of ‘the internets’ and the digitalisation

Sachi Mohanty One big-picture realisation that dawns upon the reader after reading Smart: The Digital Century by Frederic Martel is that national boundaries are not going to become irrelevant anytime soon. There are many benefits from everyone having access to smartphones and the author goes to great lengths to do a ‘field survey’ by travelling to countries across five continents ... Read More »