Sunday , 26 May 2019


Beware of this malware

Indo Asian News Service Global cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks has discovered a malware that is capable of stealing saved usernames and passwords in Google Chrome, saved credit card credentials in Chrome and iPhones text messages if backed up to a Mac. The malware named CookieMiner is capable of stealing browser cookies associated with mainstream cryptocurrency exchanges and wallet service ... Read More »

Climate change and silk cotton trees

Nandkumar M Kamat Known from ancient time as ‘Shalmali’ in Sanskrit, Sanvar in Konkani, silk cotton trees are scientifically known as Bombax ceiba. The best location to study the ecology, phenology, biology and microbiology of these trees is Goa University campus where only 10 per cent of the trees have survived the bulldozers of development. These trees are key stone ... Read More »

This republic has four fault lines

Ramachandra Guha If India was a start-up in 1947, not even the most venturesome of venture capitalists would have invested in this audacious experiment. In the first years of our life as an independent nation, predictions that we would fall apart came thick and fast. Representative here are these words of Claude Auchinleck, former commander-in-chief of the British Indian Army, ... Read More »

The war among ants

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi We are lucky that the 13,000 ant species, discovered till now, are small. Even if they were the size of cats, they would be the rulers of the universe by now, would have discovered ways to reach Mars, and colonise the moon, would have solved any mathematical or gravitational problems, would have built weapons without metal etc. ... Read More »

Politicians must evolve with the times

Karan Thapar “Would you accept our politicians are a rum lot?” That’s how Pertie began the conversation. He was exercised by the response of Maharashtra politicians to the recent Supreme Court ruling relaxing the stringent conditions imposed by the state government on dance bars in Mumbai. Now that’s not a subject at my old fingertips but a little digging around ... Read More »

Will ‘behen’ be Congress’ counter to ‘behenji’ in UP?

Barkha Dutt Priyanka Gandhi’s dramatic, front-foot entry into politics has galvanised Congress cadres and thrown the BJP into sheer confusion. There is a certain audacity and boldness to her debut as general secretary of Uttar Pradesh, East, the political stomping ground of chief minister, Yogi Adityanath and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. But now that Rahul Gandhi has decided to appoint ... Read More »

Boats Ahoy!

That the anatomically modern humans – Homo sapiens, and possibly the Homo species that preceded it, moved out of Africa, and into the rest of the world, is by now an accepted fact. But what is not very clear is the route that they followed. However, it is generally believed that they took a coastal route – from the coast ... Read More »

Qatar is champ; India on the right track

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Football in Asia is changing for the better. If people in India were overwhelmed by their country’s performance during the AFC Asian Cup, Qatar took many by surprise. Few had expected such a performance. When Australia, Iran and Japan were expected to hog the limelight, Qatar stole the thunder. Being ready for the unexpected is what makes football ... Read More »

CoA squabble regressive, overreaction to Pandya- Rahul issue foolish

AYAZ MEMON After a fortnight of agonising uncertainty, Hardik Pandya and K L Rahul can breathe somewhat easy. The indefinite suspension they were under has been lifted by the Committee Of Administrators on the advice of new Amicus Curiae PS Narsimha pending the appointment of, and adjudication on allegations against the players, by an ombudsman. In that sense, their return ... Read More »

Telling the Goa story, in unusual ways

Frederick Noronha When I look back, it seems like yesterday; actually, it was a good thirty years ago. I vividly recall my surprise on coming across an unusual and unexpected article. It struck me like a bolt from the blue while spending time scanning through periodicals in my favourite space at the old Goa University campus library (when it was ... Read More »