Wednesday , 20 February 2019


In a state of trance

Sonali Mujumdar Acid is a tempestuous and turbulent trip: hallucinogenic and haywire, imbued with a melancholia that is hard to shake off. Originally written in Malayalam, Sangeetha Sreenivasan’s English translation of her own work is masterfully accomplished. A strange volatility grips the unusual household of same-sex couple, Kamala and Shaly and Kamala’s teenaged twin sons Aadi and Shiva. The women ... Read More »

A poor loser

Fredrick Noronha Last week, a friend and I were having a long chat. After wandering through diverse issues, expectedly disagreeing and having different perspectives, we agreed on one thing. We in Goa are simply not competitive today. This is especially true of those who are not returned emigrants, or not recent migrants. While these two categories have to work harder ... Read More »

I believe Dark Circles is a powerful read

Karan Thapar Mine is an unusual column this week. I’m going to do something I’ve never done before. My intention is to reintroduce someone you know as an occasional columnist or, previously, as a business channel market anchor – as a new and talented author whose first book, Dark Circles, has just been published. It’s a remarkable debut. I’m talking ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy J4+: Not a Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 killer

Kul Bhushan Even as Xiaomi has gained big chunk of phone market share in India, Samsung is on a course correction to make a big comeback. The Korean giant has already revamped its premium segment lineup with phones like Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A9. The company has also refreshed its budget Galaxy J-series. The latest offering from Samsung is Galaxy ... Read More »

Once Congress had lawyers like Gandhi

Ramachandra Guha On an April evening in 1917, a lawyer named Vallabhbhai Patel was playing bridge at the Gujarat Club in Ahmedabad. This was, for him, a routine affair; every day, after his work at the Bar ended, he headed straight for the card table. This evening in April 1917 was different. Earlier in the day, in distant Bihar, another ... Read More »

The psychopathology of hate

Luis Dias “They’re all like that!” Are we all guilty of, at some point in our lives, having made such a sweeping generalisation? It could be something somewhat playful and seemingly harmless, like the endless memes on social media about gender differences. “Men are like this, women are like that.” It gets much more sinister when opinions get entrenched about ... Read More »

Fighting pancreatic cancer

Nandkumar Kamat Having lost two uncles aged 60 and 67 to carcinoma of stomach or gastric cancer, I have always dreaded cancer. In both cases from detection, treatment and death everything was over within three years. But there is lot of hope ahead with better surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Immune therapy is advancing fast. It has many challenges in ... Read More »

The other side of football

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES FC Goa’s reliance on foreign players and lack of progressive Indian strikers were two aspects that emanated from the last Indian Super league (ISL) match between FC Goa and Delhi Dynamos last Thursday. The home side won but football in India is yet to start improving; five years after millions have been spent on a tournament that is ... Read More »

How soccer clubs, players and advisers play the tax game

Take Manchester City and the French player Gael Clichy, recruited by the club in 2011 for more than 4 million pounds ($5.2 million) a year. Man City recorded that soccer agent Darren Dein represented it in the negotiations. Yet British press reports identified Dein as Clichy’s agent starting in 2010. And in two emails to officials at a European club ... Read More »

When East Merges with West

THE BENGALIS WHO MADE GOA THEIR HOME Although many Bengalis have moved to Goa in recent times to escape the mayhem of the big cities or for work purposes, the two regions appear to also share a lot of common history. NT Network finds out more   CHRISTINE MACHADO | NT NETWORK Ten years ago, to escape the bustle of ... Read More »