Wednesday , 14 November 2018


Football results will start to come, steadily

AUGUSTO RODRIGUES Thirty years ago , or even longer,  football was one of the sports that attracted hundreds of people. With football were other sports like volleyball, table tennis, boxing and even hockey. Football was a sport that saw a surge – new stadium, foreign coaches and foreign players. At that time, few people who got involved in sports got ... Read More »

Personal past

Family or community-run museums are important because they preserve a range of micro historical, cultural and political identities KumKum Dasgupta Ajaz Hussain Munshi is a consummate storyteller. In the one-horse town of Kargil, Jammu and Kashmir, he is the go-to guy if you want to know about the border town’s rich history, its unremarkable present, and the fiercely fought war ... Read More »

Are omega 3 supplements really beneficial?

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi Every few years a company’s marketing strategy becomes a hit and a new “superfood” is born. Currently, it is Macha tea which solves all problems including weight, diabetes, rheumatism. It comes on the heels of quinoa, chia seeds, Leh berries, Brazil nuts, blueberries, turmeric, spirulina, goji berries, dark chocolate, red wine, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil ... Read More »

Mayawati sets her sights on the top slot: she still holds the cards for 2019

Barkha Dutt A politician who drew a blank in 2014 could make or break the outcome of the elections in 2019. Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) chief Mayawati – whose political obituary has been prematurely written several times over by the media – has shown that she can still set the terms in national politics and no one dare protest. In ... Read More »

The spook’s look at Goa

Frederick Noronha Don’t ask me why or how, but in the past few days I reached the online CIA site that offers access to its declassified documents. The internet works in such ways; before you know it, you reach someplace you didn’t expect to, and the next few hours vanish while trying to learn more about it. So, the CIA, ... Read More »

Each MP should adopt a poor player

Shashi Shekhar “Sir if you want to invite us, it’ll cost money. Nobody offers us anything. Athletes put in a lot of hard work and money to win medals.” One of my senior colleagues was shocked to hear this from the coach of a woman athlete who had returned home after winning a medal. We wanted to invite her to ... Read More »

The Legends of Konkan

Tensing Rodrigues In his Legends of The Konkan, Crawford narrates a folk tale read out to him by an old Bhat from Chiplun, which inter alia describes the peopling of Konkan. The first to arrive were the dhangars (herdsmen) of the ghatmala; every year they came with their buffaloes and penetrated further till they overran the payeen ghauts (foot hills). ... Read More »

Shedding prejudice for peace

Supriya Sharma In her short stories set in Assam, Parismita Singh depicts the complexity and fragility of lives caught between hope and conflict. On the evening that she receives news of violence spreading to her district, Sultana chooses to walk home from work on her regular route that passes through Bodo villages. Though she has a scooty, she feels she ... Read More »

Music is medicine: Robert Vijay Gupta

Luis Dias I had heard of and read about Robert Vijay Gupta about two decades ago. His is a remarkable story on so many levels. Gupta was born in 1987 in Walden, New York State, to first-generation emigrés from India. He began playing at age four. “I don’t remember a time without playing. Music has always been a part of ... Read More »

India, a secular nation but a religious society

Gopalkrishna Gandhi God is not invoked these days. Not pointedly, at least. ‘Thank God’ as an exclamation is used mechanically with not much thought about God or even about thanks. It is just a sigh of relief. And so I could not help notice two invokings of God that were dead serious on the last but one day of August. ... Read More »