Sunday , 22 July 2018


The gun, flashgun and the viewfinder

Photographers are the latest fall guys in Kashmir. They are often harassed, yet carry the burden of being impartial witnesses of the conflict. And then one of them, Kamran Yousuf, was arrested Paramita Ghosh Almost all days are good days for photography in Kashmir. The sky is always clear, and is, in fact, powder blue. You can literally see the ... Read More »

Don’t leave the apex court under a cloud

Karan Thapar I intend to avoid the impeachment controversy and instead focus on what is arguably the most important issue of substance raised by the four senior most puisne judges of the Supreme Court. It’s contained in this sentence of their letter made public in January: “There have been instances where cases having far reaching consequences for the nation and ... Read More »

The colourful life of frogs

Maneka Sanjay Gandhi While frog populations are disappearing, we discover new species just in time to see what magical creatures we are losing. Nothing makes me more excited than learning of the strange and wondrous creatures that we have on this planet. What can you do if pellets from a shotgun stick in your chest, or you have a radio ... Read More »

BJP-PDP alliance in J&K may not end, but it should

Barkha Dutt There was only one reason that the otherwise ideologically dissonant alliance between the BJP and the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir – what former chief minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed called the “meeting of the north and south pole” – made any sense. And that was because the election results in 2014 had thrown up a fractured verdict that ... Read More »

The University of WhatsApp

Frederick Noronha On year back at roughly this time, I was only a very reluctant user of WhatsApp. In fact, I would hardly access it. Friends who sent me messages through this online messaging service would quickly realise that I was not even reading the same. Today, I’ve turned over a new leaf. While there indeed are some serious problems ... Read More »

Punishment for Asaram shows our system still has capability to reignite hope

Witnesses have been murdered and the top lawyers of the country are defending him. Despite this the law has caught up with the infamous guru Shashi Shekhar He was crestfallen. Moist eyes and a voice so hushed it appeared it was emerging not from the mouth of a person standing here, but from a deep cave. Speaking with a stutter, ... Read More »

The Market Towns of Konkan

Tensing Rodrigues What do ports and market-towns have got to do with our search for the roots? A lot! We have come to a point where we can almost trace the movement of the kshyatriya across the Indian peninsula by tracking the goods that they were pushing! A nagging feeling that follows us throughout is: Any chance that these kathiyavadi ... Read More »

Poetry is a way of confronting, embracing and engaging with the present: Ranjit Hoskote

The contemporary Indian poet’s latest collection of poems deals with maritime narratives and their influence on time, memory and language. Henna Rakheja “Machhli jal ki rani hai, jeevan uska paani hai” Even as earthlings, the significance of water and its inhabitants is ingrained very early in us. But as time passes, we talk less and less of the aquatic world ... Read More »

Farewell, Madam Wagle (1930-2018)

Luis Dias Although I must have befriended Mangala Wagle sometime in 2009, about a year after we relocated back to Goa from the UK, it feels like I’ve known her even before that. There was such a sense of timelessness and agelessness about her. As some of you will be aware, my wife Chryselle and I returned to Goa in ... Read More »

Buying a new SIM? No need for Aadhaar anymore

Prajyot Mainkar Buying a new SIM? You might have just received good news from the Centre. The government has announced that Aadhaar card is no longer mandatory for getting a new SIM. As per the new reports, you can produce any other form of verification like driving license, passport and voter ID, to get a new SIM. The centre has ... Read More »